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Idle control Valve 172

hello, i have a ph2 172, and today, i had it booked in to be rolling roaded, and on the way to work, the idle control valve (i think) packed up and it was revving itsef up to 2-3k, then on the way home/to the rolling road, it went into limp mode, i had 2 flick the key twice because i was about to join the motorway but its home now and hasent hit limp mode again.

i took off the upper inlet and had a clean around the throttle body and took out all the sensors i could see but still no luck, i believe the idle control valve is dead, but my question is, where is it!?

i am have looked in all the obvious places, but cant find it, anyone got a photo?

i have seen on the web there a small black plastic thing with a plug attachment, but i couldnt see it when i was searching

thanks in advance


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
It doesn't have an iacv mate... Will most likely be a leak in the inlet track.

Diamond Motors
Sounds more like early failure of the throttle body to me. I've seen a couple do exactly that recently