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If you had the choice

  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

2001 Clio 172 with 20,000km on the clock and in mint condition for 9375 pounds


1998 Subaru (not exactly sure of the model, but it had a monster wing on the back so might have been a WRX) and a claimed 250bhp with 86,000km on the clock in good condition for 8750. Probably driven had with a good few track days, but looked well cared for.

These were basically the cars I was looking at but I wasnt sure I wanted to insure the scooby so I went for the 172

I personally would have done the same thing as you and gone for the 172 to be honest. Scoobies are just so common now IMHO, still nice cars but they must cost a bit to maintain and run.

Id rather have a scooby, but there are additional running costs. 86k miles is lot for a scooby, so you did the right thing. I would only buy a new / not very old scooby and only if I could afford to run it. When I bought the 172 I was also looking at a new wrx, but decided that although I might have been able to just afford to run it, the 172 was a much cheaper but not to far behind in terms of performance / thrills. Am very happy, but a have a two friends with Imprezas and am a little jealous.

Personally? Scooby every time, wouldnt even think about anything else to be honest.. but then again, Ive always always wanted a Scooby - Dream car and all :)


Im very lucky to have had 6 Imprezas since 1996 and could never see myself not having one in the household.

Me without a Scooby will never happen.