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if yta wanna go mad on power on a 172...............

Hi Ben

no knife edge needed as there is no oil contact due to the baffle plate.

balancing yes, I will have it all dynamically balance to 8k..

the 172 flywheel is actually pretty lightweight to start with, the turbo flywheel... err isnt


hic.. thanks for the beer !!!


yeah, i was thinking that those crank lobes are huge!.....go on, you know you want 9k!!!

std sump has baffles!?

hee hee, finished ??.. you are never finished lol.. but the turbo 172.. hopefully a few months.

Ben m8.. (Sorry, it was the way I worded it) there is a windage tray ..Plastic composite under the crank, the sump itself does not have internal baffling though. As the crank isnt dipping into the oil res, the need for knife-edge is negated.

as for 9k, well, mountune racing have had the std 172 crank (which is the same as the f4r diesel btw) to 9k without damage.. at 10-10.5 it is known to snap.. I am sure this little demon will go on revvin till the cows come home, the rods break, or the pistons fall apart lol... hmmmmm... shot blast the rods and polish.. (Having that done anyways... (me mate is an aerospace blade polisher ) the forged pistons are in the deciding folder at the mo...

I think I will build one of the turbo blocks to full race forged piston equipped 172 std for later... tbs and extractor... should be good for 220 with a set of reprofiled turbo cams...

but... that will be a winter project.. migh just need another 172 to try it in.. or maybe Jaynes 1.2 RT lol lol..



hee hee

re Ilmor

absolutely, I would love some hi-tech titi rods n silicon aloy pistons......


ps.... GR n Jilly are probably overwhelmed about now... or maybe underwhelmed ???

but, I am sure it is a learning experience for them as to boys toyz...

ya never grows up....... yer toys just get more bloody expensive.. (Captn Slarty... 2k2..)
  ICE'dberg MK2 172


How do you fancy a head off one of those V8 ilmors....shhh!! ive one in my cupboard. Absolute artwork!!!

Mail me please....


I would TREASURE it and love it like it was a new puppy...... awwwwwwwww

but...... u n0 I would lol