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172 supercharger no // turbo YES.. heres why !

Take a look at these pics, I just unloaded everything from the boot of the 172...

we are looking at a GENUINE renault turbo conversion for the 2ltr F4R engine (as used in 172)

I have decided NOT to go the Supercharge route.. simply because if you can get kit like this !!!... do it the EASY way...

Will have to look at low comp pistons later.. but thats when everything works on low boost....

You dont get bargains like this every day... straight from renault special projects... this is from one of the development f4r turbo engines.

And Yes,, if you want one.. I bought 3 lol.... - no, its not a complete bolt on kit.. it WILL bolt on. but you will need some interconnect pipes, an intercooler, and a programmable engine management or add on.

what I have... (these are brand new or dyno mileage only !) - as you can see.

Inlet manifold and plenum with boost aware MAP sensor AND injectors.

Exhaust manifold

Turbo complete with wastegate and bypass assembly

3 shots

Downpipe inc cat and dual oxy sensors..

(hmmmmm, note the homologation special ecu next to it.. hee hee.. probalby cannot be used on this though )

Cam cover end plate to suit new inlet manifold

Ancilliary mounting bracket to clear new inlet manifold not shown...

So .. if anyone wants one.. must be worth bloody thousands.. !!.. let me know - under a grand -

let the power flow...

  CTR EK9 turbo

Looks good Capn! you certainly have some contacts! when are you going to strap it on to the mighty flamer?

capt does they have a kit for a 2.0 16v (98 S reg)megane, not sure what type of engine it is but its similar to the clio willams engine, cheers

Hiya Cap

just a quick qeustion, its loosly related to your thread.
has the 16 valve clio mk1 got much more room under the bonnet then the new 172?? im asking because i was having a conversation with the owner of prism motorsport last week who was telling me that he could easily fit a turbo to my car, even with the tight engine bay. he showed me a turbo conversion that they recently carried out on a 16 valver and claims that they have tighter bays then the 172. he also gave me a rough price of about 3K to do it which is what the owner of the valver paid but he said i would have to have the manifold made and deliverd to him and that would be on top of the 3K for the rest of the conversion.
i have little idea what it would take mechanical but he made it sound easy, so i was just wondering what your view is on this.




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  E90 LCI 330d

Captain -

Just told my mate with the blue mk1 that lets me borrow it and he is quite keen!

Might have to pop down the bypass to see you...

Wallis, check yer mail Sir.

Tubs n Monk, sorry, It will not fit a valver - only the 172 mk1 and 2 f4r unit.

as for the conversion the guy quoted 3 grand for PLUS manifold.. AGHHHHHH..

but, there is quite a bit of work MAKING the parts..

172 owners are lucky in that RENO made them for them...

I would HATE to ask reno to price up those boxes full of goodies I have.. serious, serious dosh.. I would imagine there is probably 3k in parts cost alone

If not more.. the injectors are nearly 100 squid EACH !!


How much u want?

Do you know if someone like hill power will fit and setup all the stuff?



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  E90 LCI 330d

Captain -

You have got mail and you have got a definate sale off my mate too.

He just rung back now after looking at the pics.

Captain, also I would suggest contacting BB performance tuning. 01787 220456

They will be doing a 172 Turbo Conversion. With this kit I would have thought they could bring something out very soon. Also they have the capability to recast things like exhaust manifolds. So it would I guess be beneficial as then more people could get their cars turbo charged apart from 3 !

They would be ideal guys as well to finish off the missing parts. What do you think?

Hi Tim ..

this sort of work is a labour of love...

I would hate to price up fitting something like this - well , the fitting is simple when it bolts on like this .. getting it all to work properly with an aftermarket ecu or management add ons and eventually lower comp pistons is the hard part - but entirely possible !.

When mine is finished.. and that may be a while .. several months at least... then maybe.. trouble is, by that time there will be no parts available ...

Thats the trouble..


Simon.. Hi M8.

there are several planning a kit, but no-one doing it yet...

but, yes, its worth a shot..

As for me, I am luck (read DAFT ) enough to be able to do this myself.

Might even start selling kits eventually.. but they would be based on reno retail prices (as there is a VERY limited amount of stuff available - or was Lol.. (I just bought it) which - with an ecu, pipes and intercooler.. would be about 4.5k at reno prices.!!


but.. think of the performance and tunability... hell, with a bigger compressor wheel 280+ bhp should be possible.. now THATS what I call serious power...

  320d M Sport

You are a loon-its official. Good luck matey and I dont think Ill bother trying to keep up on snake pass if you pull this one off!!


I dont mind ringing them if you want?

Ive spoken to them before and they have had my car on the rollers. I could tell them to ring you for a chat. Im sure they would buy a kit from you for good money. At the end of the day if they are going to do it then they have the best opportunity yet to bring it on !!

H-O-L-Y-S-H-1-T, I would love one of those puppies, but Id have to sell my grandparents and their neighbours to stump up the cash... You are one seriously well connected (and jammy ) guy Capn.

Please please please please please get the thing plumbed in and let us know what kind of tarmac rippling power figures you get!


PS: Did I mention - Lucky git!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Hats off to you Joe, cant wait to see how you get on. Best of luck, put on some clean underpants the first time you use it m8

Damn my moneys all dried up Capt is there a way you or someone produce a kit with your parts. I mean copy your kit and manufacter it. Cause Im really interested but would proberly have to wait till next year. Man that would be one fast little car. Thing is it would need traction control and other stuff. Torque steer is going to be mad and is the gearbox going to take that kind of power?. Hope you could get together with Hillpower and get some kits produced Im grinning from the thought of a Turbo clio 172


Capt, i bow in your presance!!!

I will wirte nothing only cause im gob smacked!!!! how.....wha,? where??!!!.?who huh?

I will be taking the long journey to meetup sometime so spy on your little love priject

Please email me with some juicy details as that clio manual (im thinking its gonna be quite beneficial now) is being sourced.

mate, thank god there are people like you!

you cant put N20 injectors on a fuel rail itll screw the fuelling completly!!!! ie. gas commin out an injector...and the fuel rail runs at about 850psi less than what N20 gas is supplied at.

You would need to drill into the manifold and tap in the N20 nozzles and fule nozzes if the original injectors cant supply the required amount.

But a turbo & n20 clio (No longer the 172 ehh!!! maybe the clio 350!!!!) would be so bonkers!!! so so bonkers!!

Told the chaps at BB Peformance Tuning today. So I guess if they are interested then they will be calling you Captain !


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, I have actually been round to "The Captains" house tonight and seen this stuff for myself!

Very impressive...

Talked to Joe for a long time about the turbo conversion tonight and its very interesting. He really knows his stuff though and I cant wait until he starts doing the work.

Wont be doing the conversion myself though as I dont have a 172 (yet), but my mate is going to do it and of course so is Joe, so Ill have access to 2 of them!

These turbod ones will be *very* quick though!!!

stats for a 280bhp turbo williams that i found on the net

Max speed
253,700 km/h in V
Acceleration from zero
0-100 m 6"04 104,3 km/h
0-400 m 13"52 175,5 km/h
0-1000 m 24"23 221,5 km/h
0-40 km/h 1"72 9,6 m
0-60 km/h 3"14 30,5 m
0-80 km/h 4"16 50,3 m
0-100 km/h 5"30 79,0 m
0-120 km/h 7"25 137,6 m
0-140 km/h 8"93 198,5 m
0-160 km/h 11"44 302,9 m
0-180 km/h 14"20 433,4 m
0-200 km/h 18"32 653,2 m
From 40 km/h in 4th
40-60 km/h 4"58 62,9 m
40-80 km/h 7"82 125,4 m
40-100 km/h 10"54 193,4 m
40-120 km/h 12"57 255,1 m
From 80 km/h in 5th
80-100 km/h 3"36 83,3 m
80-120 km/h 5"41 145,8 m
80-140 km/h 7"41 218,1 m
80-160 km/h 9"71 313,8 m
From 130 km/h in 5th
130-140 km/h 1"77 65,8 m
130-160 km/h 4"41 176,1 m
130-170 km/h 5"93 245,5 m
130-180 km/h 7"46 320,2 m
130-190 km/h 9"20 409,6 m
130-200 km/h 11"16 515,6 m

This must be a dream come true !
I have dreamt of this for about 2 years, since i got my car !
I was just waiting for the 3 years guaranty to build a costum kit but now...
I gues you already got your 3 byers, especialy since iam not from England there is no way i can bit them to it.

But i would gladly appritiate, all the information you can give me about this kit, including pictures, what type of turbo is it, type and size of injectors,
meaby some blue plans of how the piping would go from the turbo to the intercooler and back to the manifold !
And ofcours how much would you like for the whole thing, just in case someone backs out !

Please, contact me at :

Thanks a million !!!!!