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  clio RS 182 cup
Hi, hoping someone can point me in the right direction with my 182 ignition problem.

Clio 182 2005

A couple of weeks ago, when i turned my ignition off, the key turned fully and removed from the barrel, however the engine continued to run, and all the lights were lit up on the dash, as though id never even removed the key. It resolved itself, after a few turns of the key, however today i walked to the car, and realised that again, all the lights were lit up on the dash board, and i assume they have been since i left the car this morning about 8 hours ago.

When i got into the car, and turned the key in the barrel, it wouldn't disengage the immobiliser, and wouldn't start the car, causing the alarm to sound consistently four about 20 minutes!! I disconnected the battery for about 10 mins, and re-connected it and this seemed to resolve the problem, however now the car won't start due to a dead battery!!

Anyone come across this problem before? and have any advice? I suspect its either a short circuit somewhere, or that the barrel needs replacing.