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Im 19 2yrs NCB who will insure me for a 172/182

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Well basically the title has my main question down to a tee, i just keep reading all these people who are geting insured when they are 19 1yrs ncb on a cup who the hell insures them?
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Try Admiral and Elephant online mate.

Add your parent to the policy........Bam should be about 1500 coins id imagine!!!
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They end up paying a lot of money mate, just phone around and use '' to get an idea of who might be cheapest.
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Allo mate,

Try Bell (Part of admiral group) as i'm getting a 172 and got quoted much, MUCH cheaper than anywhere else...they specialise in insuring drivers with no or low no claims bonus.

Just to give you an idea, i'm 25 with 2 yrs no claims and got quoted about £750-800 cheapest and then went to these guys and they got it down to £450!!!


Know it's not the same circustances as you but I reckon this company is your best bet...
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^^^Not nessarilly mate, i was with Elephant since 19 when i got my 16v.........Transfered the 182 insurance over when i turned 21 for the last 2 months of my policy but when i come up for renewal they were much dearer than Admiral and would not match it at all where as it was the otherway round when i was quoting valver insurance.

To give you an idea im 21 with 2 years nc's and no accidents, my own policy, garaged, social and domestic use only, old fella added to the policy.

Elephant = £1250 fully comp

Admiral = £950 fully comp

Being young i dont think you'll get a better quote than form them two companys though, still say you'll be looking at about 1500.

edit-Fuckabout thats alot mate......Dont give up though, there are ways. me and most of my pals have been insured on performance cars since the age of 19 so your bound to find someone willing. Did you get that quote online??
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Sounds like the quotes i got i tried 9 companies cheapest quote i got was £3400.

I gave up in the end and got a different smaller engined car.
wwooaaah thats mega high! sure i had a couple of quote of around 2k (i'm 19 with 1 yr NCB but put 2yrs to get an idea of how it would be in a couple of months time)
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When i was getting quotes it was more for me to get insured on a 172 than it was to get insured on an EVO. Work that one out!
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i did a quote for a 182 for me now, im 19 and have 1yrs no claims, it was £2k!

not tooooooo bad! lol

(elephant btw!)

edit - only passed my test in july too :D
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Just tried for quotes.

23 2yrs NCB cheapest quote was £2619.37

Admiral quoted me £3655. Thats based on £8000 price, 10k a year living in Manchester postcode. Think my post code is the problem more than anything else. Even though its a nice area.
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wozzaa said:
When i was getting quotes it was more for me to get insured on a 172 than it was to get insured on an EVO. Work that one out!

Probably due to the amount of claims they've had on each model, as the 1*2's are cheaper and more prone to being driven by young / inexperienced drivers. Even old Evo's are still a fair bit of money and so tend to be driven by older drivers who are les likely to wrap them around the local Maccy D's drive-thru...