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i'm fed up with my clio...

so it needs to convince me to keep it on my way home from work tonight with a good thrashing, else its getting sold for a zetec-s or similar.

this feeling is getting more common these days.
Well a new car is on the cards, but I still owe my parents £1300 for this one, which is about a years worth of debt for me if I skin myself for the year.

I have considered selling up and getting the likes of 205 GTi, theres a minter up for sale not too far from me but its got over 100K miles and I do ~20K a year.

theoretically I could probably afford to seel the Clio, buy the 205 and pay off my debt then sell the 205 at the end of next year ;)
Wouldnt bother with the Zetec S, really nothing special performance wise and cost as much as a VTR to insure ( for example, if youre looking at that end of the market) and is slightly slower...
I've checked out insurance on a Zetec S and its not really that much more than my Clio if I go with Elephant for example.
Suppose, depends where you go, but either way you'll be paying hot hatch insurance for something that does 0-60 in over 10 seconds, theres much better around for your money!

If you want a cheap, reliable fast car, look for a Honda Civic 1.6 VTi (1996 - 2000), cheap as chips, bulletproof and fast as fook (0-60 7 secs flat). Considered getting one before I bought the Williams.
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Like a 205 GTi? I worked out the insurance would be cheaper than Clito, but only just if I change company.
I'm sure there are reliable ones - the ones that have been looked after, but then you have to pay a bit more for a good one, but wouldnt have thought over 2k. My Williams is 12 years old but has been completely reliable for the 3+ years I've had it and all I do is change the oil and wash it so having an old(ish) car doesnt always = unreliable!
I know, I've spent more on my Clio in one service (just 7 months ago and needs done again) than I did on my 1994 Fiesta in three years of ownership! That also pisses me off about my Clio.
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pay £1500 for a clean low mileage 205gti and sell it foir £1750 plus

the hard part is finding that clean one, took me a year to find a clean one.

If you're fussy you will replace bits month after month to keep it running sweet.
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The Mk6 (W to 02 reg) Zetec-S' are actually very very good cars and compared to a Clio 1.2, they will drive really well. I've driven one quite a number of times and the handling and overall feel is really nice.

Not a patch on an RS Clio but definitely worth a drive, also fairly uncommon and IMO underestimated. check out if you're really keen. Also only in insurance group 8E so won't pull down you pants on insurance.
The one down the road from me looks mint, only seen pics but the body work appears to be in good conditoin and its enthusiast owned so i dare say he'll have looked after it. and its only averaged 6500 miles a year, and got new back box and starter motor, new tyres aswell and reconditioned wheels.
if that's a chris king headset i spy in your display pic then you can afford to keep a clio;)

Haha having a blinged out mountain bike and road bike is probably why i cant afford an expensive car.

one of my mates has a W plate Zetec S and it goes like sh!t off a shovel.
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The ZS' are fairly rapid, 110bhp if I recall correctly.

Other car I highly rate is the Ford SportKa, sounds a big girly but with about 100bhp, 1.6 8v they are really nippy. Steering and handling is spot on as well. Comes with bodykit and 16" rims as standard. :D
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On a similar vein, my girlfriend had a 106 Quiksilver (great car, cheap insurance etc) and loved it. She eventually sold it and bought a Fiesta Zetec S. She had that about a month and a half before getting another 106, this time a GTi. The Zetec S was a nice car, black with black alloys etc. Looked sweet. But it was a bit boring if you know what I mean. Once the original buzz had ended, it didnt come back.
It sounds to me like you need a sporty car, fast zippy little job. Maybe a 16v Clio or Williams? Insurance might cripple you but f*ck it, you only live once. Other than that, a 106 Quiksilver is a great choice, or a GTi :)
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Good things come to those who wait dude, ive had my icke 1.2 8v for 3.5 years now and in the meanwhile ive been saving. RS come crimbo/early 07. :D
106 rallye or GTI.... wouldn't bother with the 205 if its to be your daily drive.. Wouldn't bother with the zetec S. Maybe if you don't like 106's a clio mk1 valver/williams
As far as I'm aware its only got an IK. Well it goes like s**t off a shovel when he accelerates away from me.

Would love a Clio Williams, what sort of fuel consumption could you gt out of them? Insurance is quite cheap too.
Hmmm, not sure about that, standard they are 102bhp with a 0-60 time of 10.4 seconds with only 106 bhp per tonne, your average 1.4 will match that... However, they are still good fun tho and will pull away from a 1.2 but thats to be expected! Mod the engine though and they do go as they only weigh 970 kg or so.

I get between 25 and 35 mpg from the Williams, only pay about £40 a week in petrol and its my daily runner. Only prob with the Willy is its group 17 insurance, so you really need to shop for quotes!
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^^ wouldnt mind but insurance is 2k+ so no thanks :p

might be taking her out at knockhill on sunday so maybe she'll make me keep her for a while, but with my 21st in a few months i'm tempted to get a willy as insuranc ewill be right down
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dont get a zetec s there crap pur and simple, they look turd and there slow for a 1.6 i mean theres a lad in town who has a purple one and thinks its the millenium falcom he tried over taking me i let him get almost passed me then took off like he wasnt moving, leave the zetec go for something more fun even a 106 gti wud be better
so it needs to convince me to keep it on my way home from work tonight with a good thrashing, else its getting sold for a zetec-s or similar.

this feeling is getting more common these days.

you can only get so much out of it before you need summert quicker :quiet:
Just anything thats got a bit more grunt than a 1.2 but handles realy well and id fun through the twisties. Has to be affordable too ~2k and fairly easy to insure. I know my current insurance company wont insure me on a ZetecS or similar unitl January when I'm 21.

If I end up not being able to afford another car, then a Cup will be on its way end of next year... just don't know if I can persivere until then.

Mark E-J

m8 get a valver because its nearly williams performance and 5 insurance groups cheaper!

i get good mph when i drive tidy and when u drop u foot 2 the floor it drinks the petrol

aweome handleling good fun good power tidy insurance cheap 2 fix easy 2 work on and overall its a clio and u can pick on up cheap

cant ask for better than that

when u insurance is lower u can always put 2ltr bottom end on or change it for a williams .

as long as u look after u clio it will look after u
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I'd be tempted buy a 106 Rallye, but you do big mileage and they are very unrefined.

My mate has had an assortment of Pugs over the last few years and they have all been woefully unreliable and poorly made, so it might be a case of the grass looks greener.

Could you stretch to a Lupo GTI? Handle well, go well, rare and have good kit including xenons.