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Im new, so help me dag nabbit!!!

Hi all,

Got a 16v 2 weeks ago, just finished installing new box, d/shaft, res fuel pump, bosch4 plugs, oil , filter, K&N clean, Engine degrease, Bumper mesh and tail pipe.

Been quite busy......

If someone can host a piccy for me, i will mail them one.

Just a couple of things i need to sort now.

Can some one please tell me,

1. When should the radiator fan kick in on my 16v.

2. Where the temp needle should be under normal driving conditions, as mine is about 2/3 up the scale approx.

3. clunk noise when going over big bumps. Already checked the wishbone bushes and anti roll bushes, both look fine. What about the strut top bush...?

Whats u all think?

Thanks M@thew.

First pic is the saturday i got it home.(before mesh)

Second pic the saturday after, box comming out, Due to the diff casing splitting. (this was already done when i got it)

The box replacement is well documented and i will post the full story from start to finish when i can get some web space.

Am glad it is all over now thou.
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Which parts of the bumper have you actually meshed and can you get some pics up of the bumper now that its been done so that I can have a look.



looks good. prettmy mint actually has it has a fron t end re-spray and is it red or naples red. hard to tell from photos


RT_owner Havnt done anything i cant reverse, meshed behind grille, bumper scoop, and ducts either side of foggies, will try and get pic when bro brings back camera from work. Used ripspeed mesh. Looks subtle and

Wongy008 Its had a full panel respray, Hence no stone chips, naples m8.

cs-matt thanks m8,

Its a genuine motor, no accident damage, motors nice and tight. part from the box it was mint.

£1800 think i got a bargain.

wongy, just had a look in the gallery at a naples red clio, That aint the same colour as mine, so it must be just red.


Yeah, cos its a phase 1 (Blue dipstick & small mirrors) id say it was 719 carmen red, the same as mine!



looks mint anyway whatever the colour

anyway on normal running mine runs at a 1/4 and fan cuts in at 1/2. this is in comparison to the petrol gauge as the temp one is a bit hard to read

using low temp stat and low temp fan switch


wongy008, when i was goin to post the question, i was goin to say compared to the fuel guage, but i thought this would be to complicated to say.

Anyway, i know what you mean.

mat, if it works, first dibs please.

Got a new rad fan today, And guess what....when the engine gets hot it starts!!!!

Modern technology, ah!

Anywhos whats this "BB" that do cooler stats?

Contact number, whereabouts?