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Im raging, why are people such tw@ts

Ok my day has been amazing.

I was at court today as a witness and spent 6 hours in a wee room waiting to be called. then im told the trial had been rescheduled till 14th october because the solicitor was preggers? wat they just noticed?

Then i get back to my car, lovely huge dent on the passangers rear wing, combined with some tasty scratches. I was about to get my windows tinted but since the besterd just left without giving me their insurance details its coming right out of my pocket

why are people such t***s?

happened to me as well mate .. woke up one morning ..drivers side door with a great big nasty dent ..never heard a thing during the night ...£500 - £700 pounds worth of damage ..coming out my own pocket !!


Yep, agreed m8..

I must confess to being a bit of a TW@T myself many moons ago..

I got done for speeding - only time ever.. about 1988.. I had to take the fine into the local magistrates court at Reedly (Burnley)

the spotty faced pratt behind the counter (clerk) gave me a hard time saying people like you are what keep the price of insurance high

What an arrogant pratt !!

As I went out to the car park.. slightly annoyed to say the least, I saw a car parked near the wall with a sign on it.. clerk to the magistrates - do not obstruct ...

Hmmmm, it was a heavy gravel car park.. my TVR 350i was shod in yoko a008s and it was hot n sticky - as were the tyre..

A nice power slide later and his car was pebble dashed to say the least...

I didnt feel ANY remorse though...