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imobiliser help

was wondering if there is any way you can take the immobiliser of my car. its a 1995 valver, the one with the alarm reciever under the sunroof.
or if anyone knows where the imobiliser is located, any info you guys have will help.
the reciever got wet and wont let me dis arm it as it wont pick up the signal from the keys.

cheers lawson
Iirc you can turn it off, there is a key hole in the top of the glove box, if it's not that one there is something under the bonnet.

Djw John will be able to confirm 100% which is which.
There should be something under the bonnet where the washer bottle is under the flap thing on the passenger side.

If you open the glove box there should also he a slot to put a key in the roof of the actual glove box itself.
hi mate just checked and there is nothing in the glove box at all. however there is a valeo box behind the screen wash bottle but i cant see anywhere to put the key,
the key i have is a liitle black handled one.
You should have a small gold key too iirc. My old valver was a 1994 phase 2 M reg one, that had what I describe. I've no idea why you've not got what I mention :S