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induction kits

  RenaultSport clio 17
i have been reading the forums for ages now about induction kits,from what i can tell unless you fork out for a maxogen you will possibly loose power due to heat soak, so the only reason to have one is for the noise,
my question is whats the best sounding induction kit regardless of power loss?

just wondering peoples opinions,i watched a video of a 182 with a simota and that sounded awesome but not really heard any other type.

just wondering which one to save up for.

Thanks for any help
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Hi, welcome :)

Im in the same situation. There are different types of Simota ones too and I am also unsure of which one to go for. The one with the open end, or the carbon box one :S
  172 Cup 2003
i had a hill power custom made with silcone elbow it was awesome...can't rember who off here brought it they had 172 cup any1 because they loved it too! check out website is being silly but worth a look????
i have been told many a time, not to bother with an induction kit.. but if its just noise you want, open ones sound awesome! though i wouldnt recommend it
When i bought my car it already had a Pipercross filter on it and it sounded great.


Then once i added the air feed a few months ago it now sounds even better.


I did try a K+N Apollo for a while but i definitely prefer the Pipercross filter.
Open cone filters sound the best.... make 1 fit into the wheel arch like I did and get best of both world's
  172 CUP
I very much recommend the hill power induction kit. The noise is perfect and it does improve engine response i think.
  Nissan 350Z
You could try the simota twin charger filter. That one has a pipe that takes it away and places it in front of the battery where the temps are MUCH cooler. Not a bad price either, I might add.

Someone on here has the other simota one, not sure how good it is on the noise front, but i'm sure he said it made a nice difference in power and torque and still sounded good.