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Info on the speed of a 182 PLEASE !!!!!

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  Clio 182 cup FF
Hi all,

I have very recently purchased a Black 05 plate Clio 182 FF with 34k miles. I pick it up tomorrow and can't blxxdy wait. I've ALWAYS wanted one. And after weeks and weeks of little boys driving up my arse in there sup'd up Vauxhall Corse1.2 sxi's, I had enough, and just went out and bought one. Silly chavs.

Anyway, ive read they are quick. But how quick are we talking guys ????? What things will be able to beat the Clio ??? And what kind of cars will the Clio leave for dead ???? I'm curious !!!!!!
Have a search, threads like this already exist. They are reasonably quick, dont expect to much though, for starters they dont start with the 179bhp they should.

Racing on the streets isnt condoned on CS.

So im stopping this one before it ends the same way.

Be safe and go to a track.
Not open for further replies.