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Inside a JC5-130 Gearbox

Not sure if this is off much interest to anyone on here, except the kind person who gave me this box to strip ;)

I was told the box had a 2nd or 3rd gear problem as, the damage occured when changing at that point.
I only wanted the Box to strip down and have a look at, cheaper too strip down a broken box than a working one ;)

1st off, this is what you'll find behind the black cover (5th gear and it's selector)

And now whats inside the box

Now with the input shaft and gearset removed

This is the selector for 3rd and 4th gear

And now a look at the 4th gear and the 4th gear side of the above selector, which seems to be slightly worn but still ok

And now the reason for the box requiring a rebuild.

Worn 3rd gear

And a very worn 3rd gear selector

I think the above coupled with a damaged selector fork and that's the reason for no drive on 3rd gear.
Colin, once you remove the bolts i was telling you about the other week, the box just comes apart, the diff is then removed, with the casings split there is nothing holding the diff in place.

The only question would be relating to the tapered roller bearing that is fixed to the diff, and if this is supplied fitted with a lsd.

I haven't got any pictures, as the diff was left with the previous owner for letting me have the box.