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Installing Video Camera In Valver

Just been fiddling with my video camera, trying to put it in the valver so i can film the brands hatch laps whilst driving. Suffice it to say it was a success :) Tried it out for a bit and i got a good picture, tho i need to sort out the rattly sunroof as it seems to be picked up quite alot by the camera. Plus i need to remember to charge the batteries;)

Jon! Tell me how. Im going to do the same thing - Just trying to find the best way to do it.


Mounted it in the gap between the headrest and the seat, using the headrest height adjusty bit to get it just right:)

Just to warn you Brands Hatch are very funny with video cameras, they will let you use one, but are very fussy with its location and how it is attached. Theyt wouldnt let cars out with it jammed up against under the headrest on several trackdays Ive been on.

On trackdays at least it has to be mounted to a sucker on the windscreen, and they insist on it being as low as possible, which isnt the best for filming.

Im probably going to be coming along if it doesnt rain on Sunday so you can borrow my sucker clamp thing if you want, Jon.

But I know you lot are driving behind the pace car at slower speeds, so Im not sure what theyll say.


  Renault Laguna Coupe

They were pretty strict at Donington Park too. I had my cam clamped to the headrest support with a camera clamp - the marshalls seemed to think that this was ok. Anyone seen with a hand-held camera on the course would get black-flagged apparently. You can get one of these clamps from Jessops for about 12 quid. Matt had his mounted on a tripod in the boot (good as it can face forward or backwards) - again the marshalls had no problems with this.

Cant see that this is going to be a big problem at Brands though - its just parade laps - no need for crash helmets.

I suppose we shall just have to wait and see on the day.Thanks for the offer thatd be cool thanks :D, though i still dont understand how the sucker think holds the camera, is it like a frame thing that screws into the tripod hole at the bottom?