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Insurance and brake pads


i have to change my front brake pads (172 Mk2) very shortly and i was wondering if i would have a problems with direct line.

I get really scared when it comes to anythink new being put in/on the car. If i was just to change the pads to brembo ones would i void the policy as its a "Mod"????

i dont want to call direct line becuase they might log me down as asking the question.....

P.S. if you thing Brembo are rubbish and have been happen with another make please feel free to tell me
  Ziel Nurburgring

PM Y0z2a for some of his specials.

Not sure if i would tell them if its only pads as you dont tell them if you dont put renault ones on there do you? They are only a different make

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I wouldnt bother...its like tyres, woudl you ring them and tell them you had put sport tyres on the car?

I wouldnt even bother wiht grooved discs it is they do feck all over stds only time wht brakes i woudl declair it is if they were 4 pots of big brake kits

Thanks lunner! a bit of a scardy cat :)

so you dont think i should even go for brembo pads......................??

Never tried brembo pads tbh i can only go from personal experience....stear WELL clear of EBC...ive got pagid fats road pads on tehre at the moment (£30 wiht cs discount from gsf) and they are fantastic