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Insurance Claim - Rubbish Settlement


ClioSport Club Member
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Alright guys n gals need some feedback please.

I had a accident in June and appointed my local solicitor to pursue a claim as i was slighty injured, 1 week of work due to lower back pain etc.

Today i recieved a letter from my solicitors detailing my mediocal records - after i had to see there doctor to be examined.

In this letter it says and i quote " On the basis of the report we would advise you that the estimated value of your claim is approximately £200.00. This would not include any claim for financial losses, which would be seperate.

WTF!!! i was expecting a bit more than that to be honest seeing as its put my insurance up by double that amount and the injury caused AND seeing it was totally the other partys fault, she admitted it 100% aswell!

Also i thought the other partys solicitors make me an offer in which i can either turn down or accept, not my solicitor telling me its £200 and thats that:mad:

I am a little p!$$ed off as that person could have easily
killed someone ie a cyclist/biker as she didnt even see me.

So in short is that the amount of compensation i will end up with, seems pretty low to me.

Advice needed.

Cheers all,



ClioSport Club Member
  Blk/Gld 182 Cupped

^ Well thats what i thought i got, obvouisly the doctor doesnt agree.

can you contest it ??
my mate got £2000 for whiplash, plus my mate (the passenger) who whacked his head on the windscreen (the doghnut wernt wearing a seatbelt) he got £800
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I got £450 for whiplash, only had a slight pain in my neck, but they gave it to me anyway.
  2005 Impreza WRX STI

isnt whiplash minimum of something like £1000? i got £1600 in my old punto when someone went into the back of me. at the time i was delighted with 1600 because it only hurt a bit but now it hurts my back all the time. wish id have waited to claim now. dont take 200 mate
  BMW 120i Sport

Dunno, i was happy with £450 because it really was only a small pain in the front of my neck.

I didnt think it was worth contesting it.


ClioSport Club Member
  Blk/Gld 182 Cupped

^ well maybe not double but it doesnt seem to have come down on these online quote forms asnd i can only think its because i now have to declare ive had an accident - even though it wasnt my fault at all.

I wont be accepting this offer anyway, not good enough for me in my opinion.

Heres part of the letter, took on my mobile, apoligies its a bit big. HERE

Ive still got a claim outstanding from Feb.

100% third paties fault (she was prosecuted) , her insurers are dealing with it. They made me an offer after a month of a grand which I turned down.

At first there wasnt much pain, but now my back kills if I do anything to give it a bit of a workout, or if I sleep/sit in a slightly odd position for a short amount of time. I never had any problems with back pain before, also get pains on the right side at the small of my back and on my right shoulder/neck.

Got to go for a Drs app for some report, but the insurers dealing with it are so crap I havent heard from them in ages. They were aupposed to call me every 3-4 weeks to see how I was, Ive had 1 call and it happened in Feb! (Tescos btw).

Still, I know the least Ill get is a grand, but Id expect more. Always hold out, dont take the first offer.
  R35 GTR

MY gfs dad got just under £4000 riding his bike home from work cos a postman came out of a junction and hit him. Said he was blinded by sunlight, basically admitting he screwed up. If they admit it, take them for everything. Insist on sending the other driver for the driving course and retest, if they fail, it shows them as even more of a bad driver.


ClioSport Club Member
  Blk/Gld 182 Cupped

Cheers all for all the feedback.

Im still thinking about what to put in my letter.

I think im right in thinking i should get a bit more - judging by the figures mentioned here. I think a driving course or a theory update would be a good idea for her as she admitted to me that she had just got back from a long distance flight which id guess = tiredness.

If anyone has a few ideas what to put in my letter, throw em my way.



Darren S

ClioSport Club Member

Christ - no wonder our premiums are sky high for sod all. Leo, your compo claim was way low from what you were saying - and that I agree with. But others?

....£800 because someone wasnt wearing a seatbelt? :confused:

....£450 anyway (Big G) - even though you said it was only a slight pain?

Day by day, were getting more like the USA where everyone else is to blame and you get compo for someone farting at you. Ten years ago, the police would probably caution you for not wearing a seat-belt in an accident. Now were getting rewarded for it??? The money comes from our premiums, ppl - no wonder they are increasing year by year.... :mad:

Individually, its not a problem, but replicate the above comments with other forums and literally millions are being given away every year on slight accidents Its not the fault of anyone on here - if some firm was daft enough to offer me £800 if I head-butted the dash, Id rip their arm off. I just think its a really sad state of affairs when things have got this bad...

(Asbestos clothing now fitted ;))



ClioSport Club Member
  Blk/Gld 182 Cupped

Glad youve exampted me from the above comment Darren S, i was lucky i suppose it could have been worse.

I agree about America though, its a joke over there regards these things.

I think your right about that Asbestos suit, i now look forward to the onslaught lol!!

hes right though, were getting more and more like the US

why?? because ppl can

the country is weak and lets ppl get away with living on benefits and insurance is just another way for other ppl to con more money, how many of these foreignors come over, cause crashes deliberately, and then get a nice payout on top of their benefits, sh!t loads

everyone wants money for nothing, and if theres a chance of getting it you cant be blamed for wanting it, the companies need to stand strong and stop paying out for silly things etc, someone got hurt for not wearing a seatbelt, yet still got money, WTF, they should have got a fine not a fooking bonus lol