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insurance on 172 sport 2.0 for 21yr old

Evening all

Anyone have a idea how much insurance would be for me on Yr 2000 2.0L 172 sport?

i know its Grp 16 insrance...

williams is Grp 17.. so would it possibly be cheaper?

i pay £1550 fully comp atm.

Just dont go with Adrian Flux - theyll give you a well low quote over the phone then you find out they lied to you and put in a massive excess just to get your trade. Grrr.

I have the same problem... Im 19 and getting a 172 or a ctr within the next couple of months... And what i have been quoted so far are STUPID amounts of cash ! :confused:

So thanx Matt aswell... Ill peep those sites... ! :oops:


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Aged 19? I think it will cost you an absolute fortune for either of those cars!

22 with 3 years no claims - quoted £1020 fully comp with Tesco, but had to stay with Adrian Flux until my previous policy runs out in July. Turn 23 tomorrow and will have 4 years no claims in July so I did a little test quote with Egg with that info and it came out at £740 fully comp! Cant wait :D

I used to think that Adrian Flux were decent but my opinion is dropping all the time. Theyve had my business for 3 years now but I feel they might be losing it in July.

When I went to them and said Id bought the 172, they gave me a quote of £1200 (obviously I had to just pay the difference between that and my previous car). I told them Tesco quoted me £1000 and asked them to match or lose my business. They said theyd do £1100 as their final offer. I told them that I then wanted to which they said "certainly sir, just forward the £130 difference between what youve used so far and what youve paid in your installments and well cancel" "errrrm but that makes it cheaper to stay with you" "yes sir - do you still want to cancel" - that was about the tune of it. Customer service like that doesnt win loyalty! In fairness though, they have been pretty good over the years, but maybe not good enough any more.


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24 with 4years NCB, 7 points for an IN10 a few years back...on a 2002 172 valued at 12000 (bought for 9)

£780 fully comp
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On a 172 Cup - Age 22 with 1 yrs NCD + Dad + Girlfriend - £1750! Ouch! Thats with Tesco - Renault Insure werent much different tho.

Im 20 in March (the cars the bday present).. I have been driving 3 years in August, no points, no claims and I have been quoted 3k Fully Comp so far... ! Im considering going under one of my rents at this rate... :cry:
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Im 24 full ncb (not protected) in a PE32 code Direct line fully comp £641 with a £150 xcess.

16k milage - Mk1 172 (01)Yreg value £10K

oh yeah watch egg with mods tho as i said my quote was 780 but when they found out it had 17" on it it shot up to 1200
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FunkyAsFunk, where do you live? I am 21 with 4 yrs no claims with renault insurance on a Mk2 172 insured at 12K, North Wales and I am paying approx £1200 a year.

Try Direct line, cheapest quotes i got by far, Paying just over a grand at the moment, not sure about the exact figure cos i updated my current policy from a saxo. Thats with protected no claims with the car parked on the road. BTW im 22 with 4 years no claims.