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Insurance when buying and selling.

  Iceberg 172
Hi Guys,

I'm just wondering how you guys have managed your insurance when buying and selling cars.

I want to buy a 172/182 and then sell my 1.4 clio afterwards, I'm trying to work out the logistics of it.

I will transfer my current insurance to the RS and then my 1.4 will be uninsured which is illegal when taxed, and also means I won't be able to test drive it etc..

Is there a temporary insurance that I can do, that isn't going to cost a bomb!



ClioSport Club Member
I insured my 182, and then had my 1.2 insured with the same company on a 0 miles policy, I think it was limited to 62 days or something. I explained I needed it insured to sell it, they said it's not something they usually do if you're just joining them, but said they'd do it anyway.


ClioSport Club Member
  RB182, 987, Lupo Gti
I just used Feirny's insurance policy to drive under when I bought the 182 :p
  Westfield, 182, 200
I had to insure 2 cars at the same time, my old car for 30 days. It's a real pain, especially as you have have to sorn an uninsured car.
Gonna be worse when the seller has to surrender the tax and the buyer has to tax the car during the sale!