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Insurance when running a cage

  ph1 track weapon
Hey all,

a question for those who run a cage on an everyday basis.

who are you insured by? and do they make a massive difference to your premium?

hope this isnt a regularly asked question :(

  ph1 track weapon
oo, i'm gonna look into them then. what are they like with small power mods such as exhuast/filter?


ClioSport Club Member
  AG200|981 Cayman
They dont mind, when i got a quote on a 172, they said i can do anything visually/handling wise and engine mods up to 180bhp for the price they quoted, no fee's as and when they are done either.
some insurers make a big fuss about having a roll cage....mainly because they thinking:

1. wondering why you want a roll cage
2. you are obviously a rally/motorsport fan and will therefore try and pretend you too are a rally driver, and like all rally drivers, will end up in a hedge before too long!
3. roll cages look cool - and this will no doubt excite other younger drivers to try and race you...and you, being an owner of a roll cage will oblige...

Sounds totally stuipid and unfair I know - but they look into pretty much every combination of a drivers intent and match that to past history of number of claims of drivers who run a cage...etc
I'm with brentacre and as above, any mods i want in terms of visual, braking and suspension, and can add induction kits and exhausts with no change in premium either.
  ph1 track weapon
brentacre came back with a good quote this morning, so i'm gonna run the car standard through til january when my renewal is due, then go with them.

gives me time to get used to the car too