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I have a 2002 1.2 16v Dynamique and I am 21

This year my insurance cost me £860 with Directline, which is an improvement on last years £1400+.

When I changed my wheels they added another £107 on top.
Just asked about an air filter and lowering springs and they said it would cost another £160.

Does anyone else have these problems and can anyone recommend somewhere cheaper??

  Lionel Richie

Try and figure this one out then!!!

Wheels cost £850 - premium up £25

Stereo worth up to £1000 - premium up £11

Window tints £200ish (security film too) - PREMIUM UP £100!!!!!!!

They seem to make up their own rules!!!!
  Audi S3

i think they generally go on steal ability and alloys being on the outside of the car are easyier to steal!

  Skoda Fabia vRS

go with Liverpool Victoria, ive got most of mates with em now, and loads of people who i work with, every one of em so far has saved money

a few people off here seem to get higher quotes but a lot do get cheaper quotes

i went from £1180 TPFT with £950 F/C with LV

it would have been £900 standard........ALL of my mods only added £50 !!!