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Insurance :(

Blimey, my cheapest quote is 1600 squid. Im 17 on a clio 1.2 authentique. Mum and dad as named drivers.

Is this ne good. oh yeah and the excess id £1000!

  Ziel Nurburgring

£1000 excess. Yowza, thats steep. Its better to have your own policy, purely just to build up your NCB.

Have you shopped around and whats the value of the car?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

*** I would try taking your Dad off it *** i found it make a £200 difference to my insurance quote.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

fook!!! pricey for a 1.2 but you are better off getting your own policy now when ur 17! but just make sure you dont crash, make any claims, get any points! then in a few years time you will be able to insure a 250+bhp car for under a grand fully comp!

iv just got my sisters insurance sorted out. shes just past her test last week! shes 18 and has a clio 1.4.

On her own the quote is £1200 and with me on the policy its £750 TPFT!
  Golf GTD

have a look at admiral. they done me a good deal on my authentique with lowered and alloys all declared.


ClioSport Club Member

that sounds fookin well dear for that mate, you thought of doing the pass plus? that will make a difference
  Clio 172

Holy crap that seems expensive for a 1.2 (even if it is fully comp) I just paid my car insurance and I am 17 with a modded valver. Oh and not passed yet.

Mods are alloys, lowered, exterior decoritive changes and full exhaust system with de cat.

Paying 2197.20 a year. 3rd party fire and theft tho!

Oh and wtf is with that excess! utter madness (mine is 300)

Id say that is about right - excess cant be right though! lol!

I pay 1900 with Liverpool Victoria for my 1.4RT (1997)

I would of thouht you can get it cheaper than that - try elephant???