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Integral USB sticks. Tough little feckers.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Left a 4GB stick in my jeans pocket by mistake and it got the full washing- machine treatment.

Put it over a radiator for a bit with the cover screwed off and just tried it again now. All the files are still there and I can access them. :cool:

  Megane Mk4
If you think about it, it's static storage anyway, there's no electrical current when it isn't plugged in so there's no activity. I've done it before with 3 of them, dropped one in a dirty puddle 30 seconds after buying it :eek:

All still work like a charm, they're designed to be tough as they're 'pocket portable'.
put mine through the wash before and it still works, even the little light on it works for some reason :)

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member

I think I've killed it. :(

Left it in my jeans (again) but this time it got the tumble dryer treatment too. Pulled the clothes out of the dryer, only to see the Integral stick at the bottom of the drum.

Tried it this morning on two PCs - and nothing. It's officially deeeed.

RIP little stick. No doubt your 32GB replacement will suffer a similar fate at some point. ;)

  182FF with cup packs
im using a corsair voyager 4gb.
washing machine proof, must be bomb proof tbh.

I have a Corsair Survivor. Slightly chunkier than your usual memory stick, but even tougher than the Voyager.

It's waterproof to 200m, made of CNC milled alluminium, and theres a site that reviewed them that acutally boiled one on the stove for a couple of minutes then smacked it about with a hammer for a bit and it still worked.

Or if you want real ruggedness, you need a Pretec i-Disk BulletProof.
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Survives glancing blow from .44 magnum. .50 magnum, not so much.
  clio 182 black /gold
My 4 GB went missing for ages. When my lodger found it in the door seal it was rusty. So i binned it.
Many years ago I dropped an expensive touch screen remote in a pint of cider. I rinsed it all out under the tap and left it to dry for a few days. Win.