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Intercooler from dCi 100 on dCi 65 and remap

  Clio MK2 1.5dci 65hp
Hi there guys,

I have Clio 2 phase 2 dCi 65 hp and I'm currently searching for another car. This car is going to stay in family garage since it is worthless to sell after years of exploatation and tons of money invested to be in perfect health.
Since I'm going to buy another Clio, but this time Clio 3 estate model, again diesel.. I would like to keep this car and even improve the performance as possible.

I have already bought for a very good price 4 injectors brand new and original BorgWarner turbocharger for 65 engine. Since it doesn't have any intercooler I have found used pipes from dCi 80 and bought brand new intercooler for dCi 100.
What I want is to keep the car in mostly original shape, but to improve as possible the performance. I'm experiencing dificulties to find pipes from dCi 100 and will have to put what I have inside and make an aditional pipework.

What I want is if anyone knows the OEM numbers for pipework for the dCi 100 to share them. I thing that the difference between dCi80 and dCi100 pipes are just two additional parts for the extra lenght. A scheme of mounting dci100 would be perfect, because it came with brackets but I cannot see any default spase for it at front, maybe it should be mounted on water radiator, and the radiator is different also between these two versions.. I have found some DIY projects and custom made brackets but if it is possible I preffer to stay original as possible.

After I install the intercooler, the car will be remapped and if it is possible (injectors mainly) I think I'll reach 100 hp on rolling road test.

And more, do I have to get rid of catalytic convertor or if there isn't any problem to stay with it? ... and the EGR valve also..?

Any help would be perfect! I've already read the existing threads for dci65 modifications here and on the french forum.

Thank you!
  Clio MK2 1.5dci 65hp
So this is the items that I have bought:

The intercooler

The Turbo

The injectors


What I didn't get on photo is two pipes from dci 80 and the front grill from clio 172 with honeycomb style.

Do I have to mount the radiator on front buffer behind the plastic bumper, or every coolant radiator has the mounting holes for the brackets on my radiator.
This is similar photo from internet with the same intercooler mounted


  182 FF RB ;)
I'm interested to see how you get on, got a dci65 as a daily and the 182T as my toy, would love more power out the dci65!

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