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Interesting post I found...

  CTR EK9 turbo

"And the race I had with the clio cup started with me behind him at the lights. I overtook him in 2nd gear once the lights went green.

Is this worth the waste of my petrol?? But clio owners just dont accept the Civic Powe-r.

Do you fair against WRXs as well mate?? The CTR is quicker then a standard WRX as you can see the threads below!

I think your race would be more suited to a Cooper S rather then the CTR. "

Im hurt.....He seems to think his car is a supercar capable of wiping the floor with the 172.....

another comment that made me cringe was: "Respect to the 172, good fast cheap cars but more in the cooper S and ST170 class of car than the ctr"


lol.....again...the 2 secs faser round coombe doesnt say much does it......not to mention in the wet and on

Ive commented on that boead before, they just dont think the clio is worth taking on.

If youre reading this Jock, ANYTIME ANYWHERE MATE!!!!

THE CTR 1/4 mile times are GASH, Id slaughter one going by 95% of the CTR times I have seen!

Im riled!!!!!!
  CTR EK9 turbo

a few of them are decent and say reasonable comments, but theres another few who are like "ctr would p!$$ on a 172 like it was standing still" me thinks theyve been racing dynamics (no offence intended)
  Golf GTi DSG

All you 172 guys are just saying the same as the CTR guy though, my cars faster then your car!

At the risk of gettin flamed:

As I havent driven both I cant really comment but on paper theres hardly owt between the 172 and CTR, itll all be down to driver skill! Put joe muppet in a Enzo against schummacher in a 172/CTR and schummacher would win, well maybe, but you get what Im saying.

By the way, before everyone starts moaning, I am buying a 172 in the near future!

Hey I like both cars you could say at the end of the day its a Clio..... but both are race bread and both are nice cars.....
  Golf GTi DSG

Dido Steve, thats what I was trying to say but in much more words lol

I hate it though when people say, its only a Civic, or its only a Saab or whatever and cant accept when other cars are simple faster then theres!



I have driven both cars. I chose the Clio. It reminds me of my Pug GTi-6 a lot more than the Civic did. The Civic is a very fast capable car, as is the Clio, but it sounds like a hair dryer. Also I sit in traffic for hour each day and the Clio has the gadget factor to keep me happy.

Another reason I went with the Clio was that Id never see the Vtec on my drive to work. As soon as Id hit 6k Id either be hitting the brakes or the rear of a traffic jam. The Civic was fast but didnt really feel it, you had to look at the dials, the clio on the other hand felt it.

Anyway who cares, both are great cars Id be happy with either one of them.

Theyre pretty quick though!! and you can get a coffin in the back too!!


16 valve DOHC i-VTEC


Max power
200ps / 197bhp

7,400 rpm

Max torque

5,900 rpm


Front wheel drive, Close Ratio, 6-speed manual gearbox


Ventilated disc

Solid disc

Four wheel sensing, three-channel ABS, Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)


17", 7 spoke alloys (Gunmetal Grey)

205/45R17 Bridgestone Potenza


Max speed
146 mph (235 kmh)

Acceleration (0-60mph )
6.4 secs

Fuel consumption


Extra Urban


CO2 emissions
212 g/km