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IPhone 3g Getting very hot!

  Astra CDTI SRI
The back of my iphone has started to get very hot and drain the battery life very quickly.

Though it was the wi-fi, but I have turned it off and still happening.

It only cools down when I put it on air plane mode.

Normally the battery lasts all day, no probs. Over the weekend I have been lucky to get 3 hours out of it.

Tried turning off and on, also tried a restore from Itunes. Still getting the same.

Any ideas? Would this be covered by warranty? (I have had the phone over 12 months now)
  2014 Focus Titanium
My dad's did this when he first got it, took me a while to figure out but it turned out that it was the email.

The outgoing (smtp) settings were incorrect so it was constantly trying to send the email and failing, and thus getting very warm at the back and the battery was going down within a matter of 3-4 hours.

I hope this helps!
  Astra CDTI SRI
Ah ha! You sir, are a legend!

Yes, I have email setup and had been working on the exchange server at work over the weekend. I didn't get exchange active sync working until Monday, therefore it had been trying to sync all weekend!

Got it working on Monday and it has since calmed down.

A thousand thank you's for the explanation.