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iphone contracts

  RS mk2 172
Basically I have 2 iphone contracts running on 3 Mobile, one for the wife and one for the daughter whilst I have a cheapo £10 a month deal with Virgin which is due to to expire and thought I might get an iphone to replace it.

I have e mailed 3 Mobile asking if they would discount me on a third iphone contract but not heard anything back as yet and was wondering whether anyone works in the mobile phone industry who would have an experience of this.

Also anyone know if Virgin are going to do the iphone anytime soon?
  Mondial 172Cup (A/C)

I worked at Carphone Warehouse last year, and now work for Apple so i feel i am fairly qualified to answer this one!

with regards to a 3rd connection with 3... unless you have a really good credit rating, then it is unlikely that they will approve you for yet another contract, let alone a discounted one.

There is no official announcement made for the iPhone to be available on Virgin Mobile, so i wouldn't hold out anytime soon...

Best bet is to start a fresh contract with an existing iPhone supplier like Orange, o2, Vodafone or T-Mobile...

(This statement is that of my own opinion, and does not reflect the views of CPW or Apple.)