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iPhone, few probs

  1998 BMW e46 323i
Got a 3g running 3.1.2 jb'd and unlocked with ultrasnow. Still running the older baseband. I've had the prob where all he music is lost, and where some apps won't open.

If I sync with iTunes the prob goes away for a few days.

Can I back up and restore and will it help, or shall I do a proper wipe and re-install like a new phone? And which jb and unlock is the best?
  Audi S3 225
Blackra1n is currently the easiest and fastest jailbreak. I would make a backup of your phone in itunes then restore it to the latest firmware. After which you can run blackra1n then blacksn0w to unlock the lastest baseband.
  Monaco 53/468
exactly as above. Blackra1n is so easy to use its unreal

back up
JB with Blackra1n
Unlock with Blacksn0w (via Blackra1n)

then BANG and the dirtbox is gone. Trust pink, forget stains, blah blah blah blah
  1998 BMW e46 323i
backed up, restored, ran blackra1n, got the message saying it's done, iphone rebooted, but there's no blackra1n app on the springboard, I get the geohot iphone bootscreen but no app so how do I unlock?
  Monaco 53/468
it should show the blackra1n screen on your phone screen, then reboot itself, once rebooted there should be a blackra1n icon on your iPhone

I'm confused mate, so you have been to, clicked windows/mac (whichever you have) etc etc and saved the file

then opened the file on your PC desktop? You don't need iTunes open, just the iPhone plugged in via USB, open and run the file and click "let it ra1n" (or whatever it says!)

Sorry if that all sounds patronising, just checking the basics first!
  1998 BMW e46 323i
Yeah, dis all that. Gonna do it again after another restore now, don't know why the app won't show, especially as I get the bootscreen...
  Monaco 53/468
strange, not sure if it makes a difference but I did mine with a none O2 SIM inserted, may be worth a try buddy

Bet your your getting reet fecked off with it now. I remember having a few issues with the last JB I did (Ultrasn0w???), was a f**king pig tbh