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Is this an Engine Mount?...Vibration!!!!

  Flame Red 172!
Getting a funny vibration from the right side of the engine (when sat in drivers seat) when I pull away in 2nd gear at low revs, like when you aproach a junction and you don't need to go into 1st and you just pull away slow in 2nd gear - it's not really a knocking as such, more a vibration...

Also did it when I was in 2nd gear pulling up a very steep hill (at my local) at very low mph and was much worse then..

Any suggesstions?...Thinking it may be me engine mounts? Only had the car 2 weeks and it's really starting to p*ss me off all the stuff that needs doing to it!!! :mad:

Going in to have it's Cambelt, Aux Belt, new rear shocks and service this weekend though, can't bloody wait! Not even driving it at the moment as too afraid it'll break before I get it to the garage!!!!

Welcome to the world of clio ownership right?! :S