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Is this repairable?

  Clio 172
No sorry mate. iirc any sidewall damage means tyre is scrap. I would mps still use it if there is no leaks though tbh.

Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

ClioSport Club Member
Get a file on the alloy and take the sharp edge off if any. Don't want that going into the tyre.

As as for the slice on the tyre, no repairable but has it just scratched it or can you see the inner wire weave in it?
  LY FF182
If you can see the wire through the cut then it's scrap but otherwise fine. You can get that alloy repaired too if you want it to look perfect
Tyre looks like it'll be fine to me, but as already said take a good look in the split.

Alloy is an easy repair.
After looking closer when I took the wheel off, it has nipped it close to the rim. Pumped it up and you can hear air escaping so it's had it.

Luckily I got another Conti with 7mm of tread for a good price off ebay. Will get the alloy filed smooth when the tyre comes off.