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Isaac's 172 Slow Progress Project

  Clio 172
Bought my 172 in 2014 which was a great experience since it was also my first car. Always loved Renault and always wanted a Renault Sport car. So here I am enjoying my first Love. This is a slow progresss project thread without a specific goal like building a Turbo 172, Trackcar or something similar. The 172 is my daily driver and I love almost everything so far. Being a car mechanic made alot of things easier for me since this car also cost me quite a bit. However I am never willing to give this great little pocket rocket away. I've already made so many trips with this car, experienced so many great adventures with it and it never let me down once. Has almost 170'000Km (105k miles) and still runs incredible.

The first few things I've done to my car was Service,Spark Plugs change, K&N Air Filter and a few costmetics... like a big a$$ Sun Strip and headlight stickers to make it look more angry. Enjoyed that for more than a year or so until the Police once stopped me. They put my car down and reported me to the public prosecution. Got my car back with a fine for using a too big Sun Strip and for the headlight stickers which costed me a ridiculous amount of 1100CHF (830GPB). I was shocked how much they demanded from me for basically stickers.

May 2017
I lowered the car using Eibach Springs and SACHS Super Touring dampers. Did Cambelt & Auxbelt change, put new Toyo Proxes CF1 tires on. Wheels got resprayed in Black Matte finnish. Cleaned the Intake and did another service.


Few things happening very soon...

• Clay, Compound & Polish Paint
• Paint Break Calipers Dark Blue
• Change the clutch
• Change indicator lamps
• Wrap interior parts using Carbon wrap
• Front Splitter
• Real Carbon Fiber gear knob
• Few things to the Intake manifold
• New Sun Strip
• Cosmetics


ClioSport Club Member
Headlight stickers look horrendous so I'd take it on the chin and that they did you a favour buddy.

Look forward to the build!


ClioSport Club Member
Damn I hope they used lube, you got well shafted for the stickers!
So you've had this 172 since 2014? You've done a good job not getting carried away modding then pal
  Clio 172
December 2018

So the first thing I've wanted to do is replace the clutch. The release bearing started to make a funny but annoying noise.
Please forgive me for those shitty iPhone pictures.

Started this afternoon and got the gearbox out at the end of the day.


Release bearing looked absolutely horrible. Rust everywhere....



New vs. Old clutch.

Tomorrow, I'll have to remove all the rust. Clean everything, Pick the new Flywheel and get everything back together.
  Clio 172
May 2018

Got some interior work done, Carbon trims & Custom Carbon gauges made by Speedina.
Gave the car a good wash and some detailing making everything look mint.







  Clio 172
May 2018

Finally got my hands on a pair for Sparco Wheels. A good friend of mine sold them to me in good condition. They used to be in a Bronze color. He repainted them anthracite. Which looks absolutely gorgeous with Black Paint.





O.Z. Sparco Asseto Gara, 7.0 x 17" 37mm Offset. (205 / 40 ZR 17)
Eibach Springs 40mm Front / 40mm Rear, OEM damper Front, Sachs Super Touring damper Rear
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  Clio 172
September 2018

The past few Weeks I noticed some weird noises and some serious engine movement while daily driving my 172. So I decided to replace my OEM Dogbone mount (which has been on it since propably 15 Years) to a KTR Uprated Mount. While online shopping the mount from KTR I thought why not change the Upper Engine mount as well. Glad I did that. The upper Engine mount was wrenched, the engine basically just sat on the mount.


Cleaned the bolts and the cambelt cover.


Driving with the Mounts from KTR makes a huge diffrence. Day and night change. Absolutely glad I replaced them.
Also ordered Cambelt & Aux kit from KTR and a new dephaser Pulley. Very excited to get all changed pretty soon!
  Clio 2 sport
sehr schöner Wagen
der Tacho gefällt mir sehr gut :) wo hast du die km/h Tachoscheibe bezogen?
Speedina hab ich bis jetzt nur auf wahr genommen
  Clio 172
Looks a nice car, the mods look good also, top job
Thanks man :)

sehr schöner Wagen
der Tacho gefällt mir sehr gut :) wo hast du die km/h Tachoscheibe bezogen?
Speedina hab ich bis jetzt nur auf wahr genommen
Hey vielen Dank! Ich hab die Tachoscheibe per E-Mail bestellt. (Hatten damals noch keine Webseite) Bei der Bestellung kannst du Farbe, Schrift, Logo, Km/h etc. selber wählen. Produktion und versand hat mich ca. 10 Werktage gekostet. Seit neuem haben sie ebenfalls eine Webseite! :)
  Clio 172
March 2019

My car is getting a few things done this year. Especially for the upcoming event in May "Passionday" organized by
Here is a list of things to do until 26. May 2019

• Order Cup Spoiler and get it painted (CMComposites)
• Paint my Sparco Wheels Gloss Black with Yellow Detail
• Get my Tailgate and Back Bumper fixed and freshly lacquered
• Engine Cover in Gloss Black
• Oil + Filtre Changed
• Clean Enginebay, new Covers and bolts
• Eventually new Headlights with Black Trim
• Few things in the interior
• Fit Spacers
• Fit Camber Bolts



Freshly Painted Wheels in Glossblack with Brand new Michelin PS4 Tires. Looks awesome!
  Clio 172


When your living room gets to be your new Workshop... :) Cutting and Fitting the Yellow Detail was harder than I thought. Spent enough times with my trashy Skills. But in the end of the day it looks good.

  Clio 172
New Package arrived

• Thermatec Intake Gasket
• MTC Motorsport Intake Hose
• 2.0 16V Decal
• Engine Cover Set