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clio 172

  1. M

    Gearbox replacement

    Hi mates I have a 172 for the track, but after any track day my clutch gets super sensitive and noisy and after a while it starts leaking valvoline from the gearbox, I've changed the clutch more than 3 times and I've checked everything I could to be. I'm thinking of changing to another Gearbox...
  2. H

    15x7.5 et35 225/45/15 on a clio 172?

    Howdy all, looking to put some very grippy tyres on my Clio, have been using willtheyfit and it seems it will juuuuust fit, granted my car is lowered a lil, wondering if anyone has any experience with this wheel size and offset on Clio 172/182? Also am hoping to use some konig hypergrams :)...
  3. Asher172

    Clio 172 Driveshafts. Where to buy? EBay good/bad?

    Hi all, looking to replace both driveshafts on my full fat clio 172. Having looked around, can’t seem to find them on Renault parts direct or Kam racing. Which are my 2 go to places for parts. I’ve seen some on eBay for around £55 but I’m unsure on quality and what I should be looking for. 2...
  4. D

    Rally car

    How’s things lads, new here from Ireland I have a clio 172 rally car Running slightly bigger injectors, uprated fuel rail, gripper diff, 5:1 cwp, avo adjustable coil-overs all around I just want ideas of what else to do with it? It’s a quick reliable car but I’d like a small bit more power...
  5. I

    Quite a bit of work! (172 cup)

    I am looking to have quite a bit of work done at once my car is due a full service including Cambelt, aux belts etc, oil, coolant, etc etc. basically all the usual it’s a 172 cup The car does not have air conditioning I also need brake discs and pads all round (front and rear) being a 172 cup...
  6. G

    172 Cup with headlight washer jets?

    I've got a 172 cup and afaik they don't come with headlight washer jets as standard, but on my car it has 1 (1 of them is missing). Does this mean the bumper was replaced with a standard 172 bumper or was there an option from factory for the washer jets (car is late 2003)? Cheers
  7. G

    172 Cup radiator fan not kicking in

    Hi, I've got an issue with my 172 cup where the radiator fan never kicks in. I've done a lot of research and tried a lot of troubleshooting but I can't get to the bottom of the issue. Some info I've got through troubleshooting: - If I bridge the fan relay in the engine fuse box the fan starts...
  8. mtph1pb_002


  9. JackT2000

    Clio 172 Flame Red Phase 2

    Hello and welcome :) My name is Jack and welcome to my thread about my Renault Clio 172 Phase 2 in Flame red. I have been a user of this website for quite some time now and I have finally decided to make myself a thread. I have had this car since September 2019 and I have been using it daily...
  10. I

    PH2 172 stealth exhaust - how many are there? and which one!

    As the title suggests I’d like to know what choices there are (currently, Feb 2020) looking for something quiet, and not too chav looking :unsure: My car is a 172 cup (so ph2) and I think it currently has a straight through exhaust with some backward pointing tips on the current back box...
  11. N

    DF018 & DF057 fault Clio 172

    Hi I got a problem with my Clio. Reader tells me that "upstream oxygen sensor heating cirkut, open cirkut" df018 and "upstream oxygen sensor heating, short cirkut" df057 The engine management ligh is on and the car sometimes hesitate when throttle, very noticeable when engine is cold. The...
  12. R

    Length of the front dumper Clio 172 vs Clio Ragnotti

    As far as I know, there are two lengths for the front dampers of the Clio 172 and Ragnotti. What is the closed length of the front dumper? It’s measured from the lower upright bolt untill the underside of your steel turret (shell of the car). What I'm asking for is measurement “A” in the...
  13. L

    Advice needed for the right induction kit

    Hi I’m new to this site and am looking for best advice for an induction kit for my 172..... ideally want the forced bumper induction kit where it comes through the fog light or something similar....... any advice given am great full for. Thanks in advance
  14. estiaeye

    3rd Breaklight Cup Spoiler Clio 172

    Hello Folks Im in urgent need of a 3rd Breaklight for the Cup Spoiler for a 172. I was able to order a Cup spoiler through CM Composites. Super happy with their service. There is just a small issue.. I dont have a 3rd Breaklight for it. Renault does not Produce them anymore / Its not...
  15. D

    Clio 172 Phase 2 - A/C problem

    Hi guys. Need your opinions regarding my issue. So I had my car fixed in a shop for a power steering sensor replacement. Before i brought it to the shop, my AC is working fine. After they fixed the sensor, my AC doesn't work anymore. When you press the Auto button, normally the AC will turn on...
  16. estiaeye

    Isaac's 172 Slow Progress Project

    Bought my 172 in 2014 which was a great experience since it was also my first car. Always loved Renault and always wanted a Renault Sport car. So here I am enjoying my first Love. This is a slow progresss project thread without a specific goal like building a Turbo 172, Trackcar or something...
  17. K

    Two different headlamps

    Hello guys. Quick question, Is it allowed by the law to have two different headlamps on each side? because I'd like to mix a bit of classic II ph1 look with some modern ricer tuning angel eyes, like the front is torn apart and one side is infected and i'm not sure if I can legally have it on...
  18. G

    OMP Seat Sliders

    Hi, Recently I have bought and fitted some OMP seats / subframes and fitted them to my clio 172. The only issue is that the driver seat is far too close for me (I'm 6'3). If I bought the OMP sliders would this allow the seat to go further back, or is the position they are in just now the...
  19. ZFJ Ben

    French import Monaco

    So last month I finally bought myself a Monaco 172! Ever since I had my 1.2 I knew that a RS would be my next car. After working many hours washing pots and serving in a pub, I could finally buy and insure my very own 172 at the age of 18!!! Picture below is at the services on the way home old...
  20. piranhamatt

    Matts Blue 172 Cup - YE53MAT

    Hi all Decided to make am up to date project thread, don't find myself posting much but looking for some ideas on what to do for the car. Bought the car 3 or so years ago. Pretty much standard apart from lowered and HIDs. Believe it was on about 93,000 miles. At the moment the engine bay as a...
  21. A

    Clio 172 2003

    Hello I was driving my Clio on the weekend and went around a corner a little faster in a result I hit the left side front tyre in the curb. The alloys isn't bent just a scuff where I hit it. The traction light is on and the service light. The steering wheel is heading towards the left and...
  22. R

    Clio 172 - slow progress project

    Hi, I managed to get a LHD Clio 172. Was the only Clio ph2 Sport that I could find on a decent price and LHD. Although it was cheap, it has a lot of dents due to hail stone storm, but the mechanically parts are in right order. It does have all the belts in 2014 with all the aux bits. Last...
  23. L

    Dodgy 172 hub carrier, so i've been told...Please help

    So, I've got an annoying knocking sound from the left side of my Clio 172, my mechanic told me that its due to the lower suspension ball joint that connects to the hub...fair enough. He says that it due to the hub not being a sport hub, so i guess is there a way for me to check this so that i...
  24. Kevclio

    Another silver ph1

    Been a member about 12 weeks now but failed to make a post yet! Bought my ph1 around November time for some cheap track fun. It's pretty rough around the edges with a weeks mot left I got it very cheap, 99k on the clock with some history! MOT was done first, followed by belts and pulleys...
  25. J

    new engine

    Hi guys and merry christmas, I have recently purchased a clio 172, phase 2. The car has covered 107k. Now when i say recently purchased im talking 700 miles ago...and the engine has decided to throw in the towel, and is sat on the drive kicking its heels, its running 3 cylinders so may not be...
  26. C

    Help| fix and improve clio 172,2003

    Hi, i own a clio 172,2003. here's a picture: what can i do to make the car better looking ? do you think that i need to add something ? thanks :smile: