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Itg Panel Filter Urgent Help

hi guys wanting to order my panel filter today

where is the cheapest place to get it from

i have found motorsportworld deliver for 46.57 all in

any cheaper

cheers many thanks

ps have checked merlin motorsport and ktec who are more expensive
just dealt with merlin motor sport on a group buy on these and john will do it for 45 all in

ring him on 01249 782101

mention my name and the group buy, the filter should be 41 plus 4 for delivery. let me know how you get on ?
b*****d he he going standard mate until i sell the beast...can i just ask is there any difference between an itg panel. k&n panel pipercross green etc..i can get a good deal on a pipercross one so just thniking of the pennies!!! cheers
the reason i got an itg as i was told they were the best ones to get for 172/182 models.
cheers guys i have heard this also but when you are talking about just a panel filter is there going to be any difference at all just thinking about the money!!! cos i can get a pipercross one delivered for 30 squid!! cheers guys
apparently about 2-3bhp i was told, it defo made mine alot smoother and a bit more responsive at lower revs