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Its been a while. V6 content.

  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
Afternoon all,

Its been a while since I was on here! Its great to see a good few 172/182's in the projects section getting well looked after and OEM standards being rectified. More my bag 🤓

In 2018 I went over to the Nurburgring with a good chum. I was in the process of buying my first flat so was supposed to be a possible fair well to the Clio but I quickly realised I just couldn't do it, and fell in love with her once more.

IMG-20180407-WA0137 by
49310819718_6e1ed20658_c.jpgIMG-20180407-WA0057 by [url=]
49310819783_d28c9e5c43_c.jpgIMG-20180407-WA0056 by [url=]
49311319546_14e9747814_c.jpgIMG-20180407-WA0055 by [url=]

My Uncle sadly passed away, so myself, brother, cousin and my best friend done the North Coast 500 in his S-Type before it was sadly sold. Was great fun and it was a rule to dress like we were from the antique road show. I was also very fortunate to get the plate from his car which is now on the V6. Very proud of this. :)


Last year we took on part of NC500 again but cut across part of it. We essentially done the Grand Tour route. Weather was horrendous in July! really gutting.

49310725978_4fb12e59af_c.jpgFB_IMG_1563043183046 by [url=]
49311427717_fdc9381570_c.jpgFB_IMG_1563043190444 by [url=]
49311424737_d9607f8c06_c.jpgFB_IMG_1563043121005 by [url=]

Then got into a few local classic car shows. Would post more pictures but limited to 10!?

Owned a lovely Mk5 GTI but had to sell and currently have a VW Up! :race: all in the aim of keeping the V!

Up! was sold Then just before lockdown I was supposed to by a 'sensible' car perhaps Golf/A3 ended up buying an Elise S1. Sadly it has since been returned to the garage I bought it from, I got the car into a independent Lotus Specialist, bit of a delay due lockdown etc but the list that came back was rather scary. It came to light a good 2/3 items should have been rectified before a garage sold the car. I was hoping costs of repair would be split and I'd have a tidy S1 but it was returned. Gutting as the car had bags of character but couldn't justify spending £2k plus! on essential repairs. Learnt a lot so possibly on the hunt for another.

50018453518_aed09ba023_k.jpgIMG_20200611_181256 by [url=]

Technically carless at the moment so can see the V6 coming out this year. No complaints. :)
  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
I bet a set of ph2 wheels would set this off lovely! I thought it looked odd side on, assume its a common mod and most I've seen have had bigger wheels!

Thanks for comments, seen a silver Ph1 with the bigger wheels and for some reason it doesn't work (for me) plus they are bloody expensive and rare to get a set!