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Jap Styled Valver Is Here At Last! Pics..

The wheels dont look as bad in the flesh, but 17s maybe chromes are next on the shopping list!! I am still getting used to the front bumper, it has been cut down loads as well!! You cannot see the metal flake in the pics they look awesome up close it gives the colour a new look.



get the wheels done in body colour or sprayed black (ok maybe not)

the bumper is a fresh idea i respect that

good luck to you mate looks sound


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

Can i have it mate? You had the door handles taken off?

Need some better pics of it in daylight pal.

yeah get some kahns, very good job though mate, it does look like a nova but its got its own twist, i really like it!!

Yeah the handles are gone along with the rubber strips etc, the tailgate is smoothed and the front bumper, cant see it in the pics but that is k-tecs combat rear bumper I think it came of the demo car!!! Dont know if they are availabel yet!!


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

U getting the lexus lights marcus? And u gonna stick a fook off big wing on the back?

Mate as long as u like it dont let other peoples opinions put u off!

lol, there was a blue nova i saw in fast car with an asian owner, 19 inch azev looks a lil like that. I dont like novas normally but this one was phat, and yours is better (if you had nicer wheels!)

Subtle rear spoiler, the bad girl spoiler so not going over the top!! The wheels look poor in these photos but honestly in the flesh they dont look to bad!! But I want 17s anyway.

I honestly do not mind peoples opinions either way it is definetely a love or hate car!!
  Clio Gtt

that red one is realy nice, lol

the pics i took in the workshop should come out beter marcus, ill pester jeff for them.
  BMW 320d Sport

Nice colour. No, gorgeous colour! Jap style front bumper not really my thing...IMHO doesnt sit well with the rest of the car which otherwise would be an example of old-school smooth Euro-style executed perfectly, especially lacking a big spoiler on the roof, which makes it a slick motor. Please DONT put a big spoiler on the roof! The dehandling looks quality, lets have a pic in the daylight!

I have got the Bad Girl spoiler to put on, the side skirts are designed for a Saxo, thanks to Juss for extending them as they are about 2 inches to short, but you cannot tell no matter how hard you look! The rear bumper is K-tecs, but the front is the Dawsons Exterminator designed for the golf! I will post some better pics when the weather gets better and then the metal flake will be doing its thing!!!


i have to admit it may be a love, hate car, but i sure as hell love it.

make me really miss my valver! grrrrr

maybe its time for some sic, jap styled cup!? LOL!

anyway look the nuts, possible chromes to keep the look of the car. and i really do love the colour! v.diff! i wanna see it in the flesh! grrr


is that the type k kingdom front bumper? and the colour imperial blue?

not to sure on the front bumper but love the rest of the car and the colour

Ummmmm, no offence but I just dont like the front bumper. The colour is very nice but I just dont like that kind of styling to be honest, too much for me personally but RESPECT for doing it ! I like the wheels on the other car tho ! They are well nice, Toora Platinum 6s I think ?

Please dont take offence, it is all about personal opinion, as long as you like it that is all that matters I say.

The colour is Subaru Impreza 2001 WRX blue with a blue metal flake, the bumper is similar to the Kingdom one but its the Dawsons Exterminator, bloody hard to fit as the bonnet flips forward doesnt it!! Dawsons wanted £425 to fit the bumper after they had sold it to me after telling me that it was easy to fit!!!
  Clio 172 cup

Mate you have done a really good job the colour is totally gorgeous, ok maybe the front bumper looks a little out of place with the rest of the car because youve got the rest of the bodywork really smooth and the sharp edges on the bumper just dont seem to gel with the rest of it, but to be honest there arnt many aftermarket front bumpers for the valver so youve been very brave to try something different

Personally I think the wheels look fantastic on the car and even if they are dated I would spend your money else where than a new set of wheels

If it was my car I think the next mod for it would be one of K-tecs chrome roll cages it would look great with the colour of the car and go perfectly suited with the hard lines of the momo arrows!

cheers Jim


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

how did they sort the bonnet thing cos i have a new front bumper and its been fitted and it is a pain in the arse with the bonnet as i cant open it properly.


Dawsons front bumper is the same for every car he does, 5 turbo, clio, golf etc... and looks totally out of place on all cars its fitted to. It sticks out way too far and just looks daft. I cant quite place it but it definatly doesnt look like anything jap style to me!? I think it should just be left for the nova lads to fit.!

Rear bumper I do like, the diffuser effect looks good. Cant quite make out the side skirts in those pics.

The same goes for the folk in the 5 turbo owners club, very few people like the front bumper.


That is the dogs knob!!!

After seeing it at Donny South (with its rusty arches) it certainly has come a long way.

Im not into Jap and would never consider it on the valver myself but you have pulled it off well and full respect to you.

Im pissed off now as i want mine like it and i aint got the funds to do it

What spelling mistake!!!

I am still getting used to the front bumper if I find something else I like I will probably get it but for now it looks cool