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Jensen Button's Veyron forsale...

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  Ferrari F430 Spider, 182
These Veyrons are very quiet.

Seen a couple of these including Lord Pembrokes this year

If you look at 2 minutes 30 seconds you'll see a little bald fella in the passenger seat of a F50...:rasp: (it's a LHD)

As you can see we look a little embarrased at all the attention
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  BMW E92/Audi S3
f**k me. Some people in this thread define the Sheep.
One person says it, the rest of em' follow in a herd.
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2 owners second being jenson button, he is on about 5 million a year and wont buy a brand new one, cheap fucker
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  Goliath I
You'd swear they were advertising an old Corsa with the badly taken photos and sprayed out numberplate that looks likenits been done in ms paint :S