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Juddering when pulling off, help please!!!

  Black Gold 182
Had my 2005 clio 182 for around 5 weeks, within the last week or so I've noticed that when I pull off the car judders for a split second before driving normally again, it happens right at the end of the biting point so from a stand still the car will move steadily and smoothly as I release the clutch until the clutch is almost fully released and then the car judders a tiny bit.
All gears work fine with no crunching and it only does the juddering when pulling off, doesn't do it at any other time. Also it helps a little if I pull off with more revs but still does it very slightly.
Also I've noticed a really quiet knocking noise from the front drivers side whenever I lift off or go on the accelerator pedal, even if I ease the accelerator on and off as gently as I can the knocking noise still happens but it's really quiet, can only be heard if I have the radio and the heater fans switched off.
Any help greatly appreciated!
Might be your gear box mount. Mine did the same thing and when changed it went (my gear box mount was buggered)

​Might be a cheap thing to try