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** JULY MEET - Please Read **

  RB 200
Karting - July

Ok - I've got round to getting Julys meet sorted.. which can hopefully be all prepared by the weekend - with a date set etc.

I've emailed a Karting place in gateshead - LINK

which I think is pretty CENTRAL in regards to people traveling from ashington/alnwick to the likes of middlesborough.

also .. its INDOORS - so weather won't become a issue for cancelling the meet.

I was thinking head there, have our race etc bit banter then find somewhere for food ..
possibly the mill house on the A1 just off past the angel ..

Decent size car park & they do nice food which is reasonable considering .. plus they do lovely home made chips :)

Yum :D ....

**The Date For This Meet Will Follow Shortly**

So - can we please have some names as I could do with some definite numbers for booking procedures etc.

Cheers Lads - Hopefully we get a good turn
  RB 200
OK - not much interest .. at all.

we can go any weekend bar this one. as theres a race on & we'd be looking around £30-£40 a head depending what session we choose.

anybody fancy it?