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just a thought ;)

  Monaco 172 + mk1 RSi
Today at work i came across these



They are GSE gas struts, heres there website
and the code on the strut is GSE 3658-95N.

Some nice silver ones aswell ;)

Anyways i was thinking would they do as bonnet struts :? the ones i have seen on here are long struts but i dont like the look of them, where as these ones are about the same length as the ones used on a passats bonnet and would look miles better, im not fussed about where the bonnet sits just that it looks good lol

Also they feel quite strong for the 172's flimsy bonnet, whats the chance the bonnet would kink/bend?

BTW sorry for iphone pics

Whats your thoughts

Thanks Jamie
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  Monaco 172 + mk1 RSi
After further research my ph1 172 alloy bonnet weighs around 6.1 Kg, the strut has 95N in the code written on it which i guess is 95 Newtons which is around 10 Kg,this means the bonnet is too light for the strut and will take the equivelent to an extra 4 Kg to close it, would the flimsy alloy bonnet take this?

or i could be chatting SH1T

  Clio 172
Are you going to be using 2 struts? As that will be more again I would imagine (I'm shite at physics!)
  Monaco 172 + mk1 RSi
Just the one strut i think, 2 if need be, physics is hard lol im not taking into cosideration the angle of the bonnet and that the strut is not the full length of the bonnet and that it will overhang and increase the weight if you get me lol, sh1t explination lmao
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Explained by the physics of moments I think...? No idea on the correct force required though, there'll be a standard equation that takes into account the point of force and distance from the pivot.
  Monaco 172 + mk1 RSi
yeah but the list goes on and on when taking into consideration other factors lol C B A haha bin there, dont that, forgot the lot lol


Also, still not seen the "Feckin awesome idea mate" post ;)