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just bought a 197

  clio 197
hi to all just bought a clio 197 and more than happy with it. come from a evo and enjoy driving it just as much, so am very happy and impressed with the handling in particular.

Nice one mate, what evo did you have I nearly got a 9 before I decided to get my 200, running costs put me off lol.
  clio 197
it was a 4 with 8 fq360 running gear running 400/400 was heavy on fuel etc but i was in germany at the time receiving tax free fuel and low insurance premiums. was a hell of a car but think the clio is a mor FUN drive and makes me smile rather than s**t my pants
  clio 197
sure here a few pics.



  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Nice looking car, but I still think you made a good choice to swap to something less likely to kick your wallets face in.
Nice mate, 6 rear wing on it as well?

The one I nearly brought was a mates in Grey 9 FQ MR 360, running 420, but I cried a little when I heard what it cost him to run it, shame as it's properly nice.