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Just Bought A Valver!

1995M Phase 2
Naples Red
48K mileage
Yokos all round!

£3999 in the window, but worked him down to £3250

Only thing wrong with it are the rear suspension bushes (I think!), drivers side control for passenger side E/W, and a missing top on the gear knob, apart from that its MINT!

Drove it home from around Stoke-On-Trent and all I can say its f@cking quick. Im not quite 19 yet and my last 2 cars have both been 1.4s (Nova SR & AX GT) and this is in a different league!

Will post a pic up as soon as I work out how to upload an image and post it!

gear knobs no problem, think most peoples passenger window button on the drivers side is dodgy anyway, dunno bout bushs though.. have fun with it! be careful in the wet though!! especially on the yokos!! i learned that lesson the hard way! , only just got the car back on the road.

Yeah, my brother used to have Yoko A510s and he said they were sh*t in the wet, but hes got A539s now and he reckons theyre pretty good.

But mines got brand new A539s on the front and part worn (1000miles maybe?) A510s on the back. Is this alright, or will my arse end be tryin to overtake me on every corner!

Hi Lou, yeah Im on as well!

Just been out all afternoon in it! Its just an awesome car - I cant fault it...well, not much.

A bit worried bout my ABS though, was goin down a damp country road over 80 and a had to brake quite hard to less than 40 and the wheels locked for a good second or so, a lot longer than my brothers VTS skids for does with ABS.

Any ideas/comments/advice appreciated

Silly question: but are you sure it has ABS? Look under the bonnet for the console with brake lines going to it.
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Clio 16Vs for sale

1993 RENAULT CLIO 1.8 16V 3dr Hatchback
1993 Blue ,K-reg, Elec Sunroof, Alloy wheels, Alarm, Power assisted steering. Alpine headunit, good condition. mot & tax. 67000 miles. £2350.
Tel: 01438 229582 or 07973 559664

K reg . 70000 miles, 16 alloys, lowered, full stainless exhaust, 6 mths Mot, 6 mths tax, excellent condition, first to view will buy . £2,300. ovno.
Tel: 01324 632558 or 07958024590
Distance: 374 miles
Price: £2,300 ovno.

1993 RENAULT CLIO 1.8 16V 3dr Hatchback
1993 K reg, MET Blue, Leather seats, Fox Alloys, Anti theft system, PAS, ABS,1 YRS MOT, Tax, Service history,many receipts, Excellent Condition, Sony cd player, remote central locking, AA or RAC inspection welcome, very sporty looking. 89000 miles. £2500.
Tel: 0208 8590942 or 07946488458
Distance: 24 miles
Price: £2,500

Hpe this helps
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How about this one. A little cheap but could have potential.

RENAULT Clio 1.8 16V,
J reg . metallic black, tax and MOT, FSH, PAS, CL, EW, EM, sunroof, CD player, alloys, recent pads and tyres, excellent condition . £1,975. ono.
Tel: 01539 567232 or 07973887025
Distance: 248 miles
Price: £1,975 ono.

Good point, I dont know for certain if it does have ABS, I just thought it was standard. The ABS symbol on the dash doesnt light up when the ignition is on so does this mean I dont have it. Im not very mechanically minded but have just bought a haynes manual. Will have a read, then have a look under the bonnet.

I almost didnt buy this, Ive too been searcing for months & was going to look at/buy one next week, but I got a email on saturday off the bloke saying his g/f had sold it! So straight onto Auto Trader and found this - went and bought it Sunday! RESULT!

My pic is already hosted on, but I cant figure out how to post it, or if I can!

If someone could let me know how to post a pic or do it for me!
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Oh well.....

If u want it on here ull av to email it me (or someone else) to host it!

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Try the ABS out by giving it large and then standing on the brakes if you lock up then you havent got it...

much more fun than reading a manual!!

Just bought a haynes manual and then compared their picture of the engine bay and mine.....and guess what! No ABS. Guess that explains yesterdays little experience then!