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Just got this ...

5,500 mate, nice bus it aint the quickest motor but for a 1.6 16v it aint bad good drive on the motorway i am going to start using most of the time to keep my mileage down on the 182 ...

Quote: Originally posted by midge on 25 March 2005

why buy a 182 then not use it? sorry if that sounds a bit harsh.. brought the car to drive it did you not, so why not drive it

hence why i ahve stuck 12k miles on my RSi in the last 7 months
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the money ur gonna loose on ya 182 when u sell it cuz of the mileage int gonna be a patch on how much the astra cost ya right?

Saving on miles to make sure you get more money when it comes to selling, but where is your value for money if you have never really drove it?
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^^^ agree with all comments.

listen, i lost 6k in 16months on a brand new 172MKII (bought for 12k) no one wants to buy them second hand unless they are a bargain.. try shifting it later on in the year and milege wont make difference. your 182 will be less than 8k when the new 2006 200hp Renaultsport is out with it being a completely new car.

sorry bud. just drive the thing ive 30k on the clock already i love it. get coilovers or suspension kit to take out that understeer.

I say go for it if you want another car to drive to work in, i know i would if i didnt have my van, afterall its not just mileage, its tyre ware, fuel economy, stone chips ect.. and if you worked in the places i do then you wouldnt want to take your pride and joy for fear of something happening to it!!

Its not that i dont want to use it but we have a dog and she goes to the horse so i dont want to be putting the dog in the back of the 182 and all that . I just thoght if i use this more than the clio i will appreciate the clio more when i do use it ...


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i think fair enough! if i had the money i would buy a cheap car to use on the day to day stuff like going to work and when the weather is filthy.

there is no way a dog would go in my 182!

i had an older astra before a 1.4 but it was using loads of fuel so i thought i would get this . It is also handy for going out in cause it is five door and people can get in and out without swinging on the door which is what happens in the clio ...