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Just had the 12000 service - £185

My MkII 172 went into Renault Leicester for its 12000 mile service last Saturday. They charged me £185 which I think is a bit excessive considering what they did, basically a oil and filter change, check the fluid levels, brake pads etc.

Would have done the service myself but not sure if that would invalidate the warranty?



Im not sure, but I think youd have to prove that the car had been maintained according to Renaults stiplations and criteria - which, if you were doing it yourself, would be difficult.

I guess that £185 is a fair old bit for what you describe, but since Im used to regular bills of £300 plus, it doesnt seem so bad! But then I guess you have had to stump up for a brand new car!

It seems that Renault have got you tied in for the duration of the warranty mate!
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Got my 12,000 service next week. Better keep off the beer for a bit then! £185 is crazy. Presumably you get:

4 litres of oil,
Oil filter,
Air filter,
Pollen filter,
Screen wash.
How much would these cost if you bought them yourself? Any ideas? I know the labour costs are sky-high at main dealers..
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Pollen filter ?

I thought this had to be replaced after about 72k or something like that ! Maybe not that high but I dont think it gets changed on the first service mate unless clogged badly.
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I hope youre right. Its 20 quid or something. My dealer also offers mousse for the air-con system to make it smell nice. Another £20 needless to say. Next theyll be offering to blow-dry the carpets (£20).

Mine was £135 inc. VAT.

They did all the normal checks and parts were:


oil filter

washer (I think for the sump)

washer fluid

They didnt touch the pollen filter - I thought it was 24k anyway?

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I guess they would have had a bit of a problem changing your air filter then Arjun?? What was their reaction to the HP gear?
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Just out of interest how much do they charge for the Washer fluid ?

Has anyone filled it up before going to the dealer for the 12k service to see if they charge you for something they didnt use ?

I was just going to post on this. As my Cup has now done 1500 miles I want to change the Oil and filter.

Firstly is it worth doing and secondly how easy is it to do?

Bear in mind Im no mechanic so all answers in leymans terms please!


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I think that Teady172 had his 12,000 mile service a couple of weeks ago but I dont think his was as much as £185. It sounds rather excessive to me.

Chris - I had my 12k service carried out at Renault Leics in June this year for £112.57 inc VAT. That included oil and filter change and all the checks.

Time to kick up a fuss mate.


  Shiny red R32

What you guys should do, is to phone a couple of Renault dealers near you and ask what they will charge for this, or any other service? They will probably ask you what you have been quoted elsewhere and will give you a lower price!!

just finished doin a 12000 service on my clio myself - i heard about peopel gettin ripped at garages and can do most of the stuff anyway so thought why not?!

anyway, I got my oil (castrol magnatec 10W40), oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and drivebelt for about £50 (give or take a few quid). Fitting it took a matter of minutes, the only tricky thing being the drivebelt which is awkward as s***! SO saved A LOT on a normal service!!!

...bear in mind that as well as replacing stuff they also are charging labour for their technical knowledge in checking the system (whether they do or not youll never know ;) ) and i think they give it a road test aswell on a 12Ker.

TM: My mistake! They did change the airfilter too - I got the service done while I was running the standard filter/box. They said they just wouldnt have charged for the air filter if there wasnt one to replace.

They were ok about the HP stuff during the service although I did take it to the Minute section where they do have a high throughput of cars.

CB: The fluid was under £2ish....

Matt Leic, I cant believe that, how can Renault Leicester put the price up from £112.57 to £185 in a matter of 4 months?

Initially they said it would be £175, but when I got the bill it was £185 as they said they needed to fit the pollen filter at 12000 miles and charged me £10 for it. Checked the manual and it does say that a pollen filter is needed at 12000 miles.

Any chance you can email me at"> with a few of your details then I can give them a ring and kick up a fuss.




Well my Scoob is in for its 37.5k service on friday, ill be taking my own oil so it should cost me about 80 quid in total (oilfilter, air filter and a washer bottle top up plus the other usual checks) so for the same thing (takes an hour) your getting a bit ripped off...... saying that, my next service is going to be around 500 quid :eek:


when i called round for service costs the cheapest was £120 and other £160, the other local garage couldnt give me a price after 3 calls so i gave up on them. I then got Leeds renault to price match the £120. When i collected my car the bill was £162 which included £2 for filling the washer bottle(i had done this the day before when i washed the car) after a short discusion the price was cut to £120.

for the next service i will get the quote in writing before they start any work

just had my "24,000" mile service

the car has only done 14,000 miles.


was going to be £150.00 ex VAT but I had no back pads ... which may explain why the handbrake wasnt working !! (ok.. so i had SOME pads... just not much left which was odd..)

yes... i know i could have got the pads changed A LOT cheaper.. but i couldnt be arsed.. it was convenient today.. a rare day off work for me !!!!


  Shiny red R32

Sorry Teady

I must stop having these dreams about you!!!!!!!!!! :oops:

Maybe it was Towser then, as it was someone who went to Abercromby Renault at Seafield Road, Edinburgh.

I will no doubt hear from him later!

Just in case anyone is interested;


Carry out 24,000 mile service - £96 (ex VAT)

Replace Back pads - £48 ex VAT

Total £144.00


Sump Washer - 78p

Pollen filter - £14.50

Air filter - £10.50

Brake Pads - £35.00

Screenwash (of course) - £1.12

Oil Filter - £6.20

Engine oil - £22.50

Super lube (snigger) - £4.00

Total £94.60 ex VAT

so there ya go....

i feel much happier now :)
  Abarth 595 Trufeo


I think you were ripped off

Ive just had my 172 in for 12000 mile service

on 04/09/2002 @ Russells Renault in Eastbourne

and it cost £111.88

They didnt change the air filter as I have a Ram Air induction Kit.

Heres a breakdown:

Service = 59.88

BP Visco Semi Synthetic Oil = 24.25

Consumables (?) = 2.99

Washer = 0.78

W/Screen Wash = 1.12

Oli Filter = 6.20

Total = 95.22

Vat = 16.66

Total Due = 111.68

Ok so if you add on Pollen Filter & Air Filter

I dont think you should have paid more than £120

I think you really do need to query why it cost so much especially as Matt

had the same service only a few months prior to yours .

Compare prices and amounts on the parts used

Good Luck
  Abarth 595 Trufeo

VR6 Man

The rear pads on the 172 are a very soft compound and therefore wear down very quickly

When my car went in for its service it had done 11,500 miles

and I was told that the rear pads would last another 2,000 miles max

So I queried why had the rears worn down soo much more than the fronts and one of the mechanics at my local Renault dealer (he races in the clio cup) explained it all to me.


  Shiny red R32

Screenwash £1.12 ? Our local independent charges 35p for screenwash.

When my hubby had his BMW serviced at the dealer they charged £2.50 for it!!

We have a large container with screen wash in the house which would fill 40 cars!

This is a complete rip-off by these dealers.


  Shiny red R32

This is a more realistic price for a service!

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Just had my 12000 mile service done at Abercromby Renault in Edinburgh. Everything went fine the car hadnt been thrashed (only just over a mile driven) everything had been done and was charged the very reasonable sum of £104.32! so for anyone in the Edinburgh area give them a go if you need a service I was a bit worried at first but all fine.

Should you expext the mechanics to take your car for a road test when you have a service, and if so whats a reasonable length trip for them to check the car over?

I dont really fancy the idea of the local Renault mechanics having free use of my car for an afternoon. They even managed to drive it for 3 miles when I took it in to have the washer bottle replaced.


  Shiny red R32

Make a note of your mileage and put a post-it-note on your speedo dial with the mileage on it! They might get the message then. (just joking).

I was speaking to an older mechanic at my nearest dealer and he said that most mechanics have no interest in driving or racing about in other peoples cars, because they are working with cars all day long. He reckons that most cant be bothered driving them up the road unless it is really necessary.

Personally I agree with him, but I think that young boy-racer types of mechanic would think differently. When my car was in for some warranty work it had moved about one tenth of a mile!

I reckon youve been skanked too because mine was only 90-somethng quid. That was at Milestone Renault in Stafford.

Just gave Renault Leicester a ring who confirmed that £185 is definately the correct price. When I told them that Matt - Leics 172 had gone in for the 12000 mile service 4 months earlier and cost £112 they said well have to get back to you on that one surprise surprise, nobody has rang back. Ill give them until 4pm then ring again.



  Shiny red R32

Well it shows that the Scots are more generous, as a 12,000 mile service up here in Edinburgh is only £104 and they dont thrash your car!

Just rang around a few dealers to get an idea of prices for the 12000 mile service.

Renault Birmingham: £180

Renault Wolverhampton: £165

So it looks like Renault have put the prices up, in England anyway!