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Just washed... & sun!!! *56k*

  BMW 118d

I really really like it!!! What exhaust have you got? And were the sideskirts difficult to fit? Did they go straight on?!

looking mint, saw this parked outside an audio shop in Reading the other day and it looks even better in the flesh.

only thing im not too keen on is all the mesh at the front

Little Newms

ClioSport Club Member
  182, D2 Td5 & 840CI

LOL yeh tyre gel and a 172/182 splitter... then spot on mate, i know how much work has gone into this car, top marks fella :D
  A silver Honda

Looking great Connor.

I know you want Ronal Turbos but i personally would keep those Kei wheels and have them spaced out slightly

The black chrome finish looks sweet against the yellow paint.
  K20 EG Hatch

very very nice!

looks mint in the flesh too! nice one ;) i deffinately aprove, woulda looked nice even nicer on coilovers though i reckon:devilish:

cheers for the comments guys! (& galz ;))

& funny a couple of you should say that... as i was taking the photos i did suddenly think "sh*t! forgot the tyre shine!!" you had to notice that didnt u :oops:.

Saner - i need to shave off half an inch off the adaptor & do some modifying before they go on!

Matt - Ive got a ktec k6 full system exhaust... Side sideskirts were a b**ch to fit! but they did go straight on... K-tec had to modify them to fit the 172 arches tho....

Trio - thats where I work mate!

I quite like the cup splitter but theres a couple of other splitters i have in mind....

Cheers darth, but i was only thinking of the ronals as everyday rims & winter wheels... I would keep the keis for shows, summer, meets etc! i just want better ride quality inbetween!
Lol Dan! that comment was uncalled for boyo :devilish: *shark*


ClioSport Club Member
  V6 255, 172's, JCW,

Looks real good Connor... still my fav looking modded clio! IMO.. Get that front splitter sorted dude! ;)

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member

Superb - my idea of a modded car. Looks unique, though you know immediately that its a Clio. I normally dont like tints, but with a lighter coloured car, they really work.

Give yourself a decent pat on the back m8 - its a cracking car to look at!

  A well built VW

Really nice lookin car Connor But as the others have said it really does need the front splitter and carbon would look the danglies - 172 back bumper would finish of the rear

Any pics of the inside as we never get to see most interiors ???
  Golf R/Leon FR

love it connor very nice example of how a modded clio shud look.
my clio is similar colour to that and am in process of adding sublte mods to it. u have given me some nice ideas.
and have to agree its the nicest clio ive seen.

thanks alot for all the very nice comments peoples! they really are appreciated!!!! putting a smile on my face :D :D

damocup - its the k-tec k6 exhaust!

Chris - im starting to agree with you on that one.... i never thought i would need one but i think it would square off the back alot more with the 172 rear bumper! u think i should deffo get one??? i wanna do somet to the rear but just couldnt think what! was tempted by that new k-tec kombat rear bumper lol

Omar - oi, leave my spoiler alone, whats it done to you :oops:

Yes hi spasm- there is indeed, why do people always have to spot out the bad points over the good ones! thats called having a father liking to leave cars in gear vs clifford remote start.

Ermm i have one pic of the interior... of the seats mainly tho! my install isnt near finished so none of that...

Any pics of the inside as we never get to see most interiors ???


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

Hummm...Nice, ur skirts fit much beta than mine. My Bro has those rims on his Teg!

if only u knew mate!

they dont fit that well at all! they are both getting removed and refitted in 3 weeks & semi smoothed in! they are only pop riveted in atm, i want them tiger sealed! coz if u stick ur finger in the bit in the rear quarter, u can pull the sideskirt away from the car!

cheers dude!

nice to see people on here compliment on a modded car for once :p

i must be special :D *yes, mummy did tell me so!*


cheers guys!!! ur making me blush lol, the comments are much appreciated! it really makes it worth it when other people appreciate it as much as you do urself!

zimmerframe, they are 17" kei racing velocities in hyperblack! gonna get some waterpaint over the weekend and paint the spokes proper black and see what it looks like ! if it dont look any good ill just wash it off and scrap the idea!
  172 M69 eater

black wheels will look really good on that mate!!

dont go small euro wheels, it wont suit the look as much IMO

Patty - I was only gonna go for a set of ronal turbos as everyday rims for better ride quality & handling coz i was gonna shove some michilen pilot sports on there or eagle f1s :D

then just keep the keis for the summer & shows etc!

Darren, do you not think the current athracite isnt dark enough then? u reckon proper matt or gloss back would be better?
  172 M69 eater

gloss black looks mint, u only have to look on the site fred works for and see the porsche wheels!!

sounds like a good idea mate, seems u got a hell of a lot more dough than me!! lol

lol, nah mate, just a nice insurance payout from the w**kers i like to call uk insurance limited, also known as renault free insurance!