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K-Tec Exhaust Pic

Hmmm... can i send my Scorpion back before 30 days? unsatisfied customer?

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!! or can i get that k-tec back box? and add it to the scorpion cat back pipe?
  1.4 Fiesta!!!

S**T I could get my head up there!!!

Looks a bit over the top for a clio me thinks...and I agree with steves point, you may want to get something between the pipe and the bumper. Just in case ;)


  Shiny red R32


Keep your Scorpion! In the picture above, it looks as though that exhaust is BROKEN!

What is your new exhaust like then James?


One thing to bear in mind is that if the exhaust sits that close to the bumper is will rattle to buggery! And as said earlier may get very hot and mark the bumper!

Does look phat tho mate! :D ;)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well David @ K-Tec has said that it shouldnt affect the bumper because its quite thick in that area


Im still waiting for this de-cat pipe to arrive....

its nothing but rattling and knocking at the moment were its connect to the catalyst converter.... fine when the engines cold.... but soon as it heats up... it starts moving alot... they lost a rubber washer or something when fitting it back on i think... will get them to check...

it doesnt really sound diff to standard with the cat pipe on atm :(
  FRST and 106 GTi

hum... isnt it to much near the bumper? guess when starts to bouncing it will damage something.

Noise.. I dont like it. Is it to loud? anyone got some MP3 of it? :)

How much bhp gain? 1?
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

The bore on that system looks quite big. I take it the 1400 version uses a smaller one? other wise not enough back pressure = lose low down grunt.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

its only the tailpipe thats large, the bore of the system is actually 2"

and have a read of this regarding back pressure on exhausts

"Myth 3: I Need A Little Bit of Backpressure For Midrange Power

You want zero backpressure not some backpressure as you may sometimes hear from a salesman or an old timer V8 hot rodder.

There is this incorrect belief that having a little backpressure prevents the fresh air/fuel from shooting into the manifold at cam overlap (when both the opening intake valve & the closing exhaust valve are simultaneously, partially open). The backpressure supposedly "pushed" the fresh air/fuel back into the combustion chamber rather than having it go into the manifold. This shooting of fresh air/fuel from the intake manifold and intake port into the manifold cannot happen at cam overlap, since the pressure inside the manifold is already much higher than on the intake side, even when there is zero backpressure.

In reality, having more backpressure reduces the difference between the higher pressure in the heads exhaust port and lower pressure in the manifold and cat. You need this difference in pressure going from the head to the exhaust system or "pressure gradient" to keep the exhaust flow speed or energy at a high level. Having some backpressure during cam overlap and the exhaust stroke means that the exhaust gas must now push against something and therefore, this backwards force slows exhaust gas down.This need for backpressure no longer exists when you have a properly tuned (timed) engine and a good stepped manifold. In fact, increased backpressure may lead to backwards flow or "reversion", where the exhaust gas travels backwards into the combustion chamber and dilutes the fresh intake charge at cam overlap. At the very least, it slows exhaust flow velocity or energy and prevents the creation of a vacuum for scavenging.

So please ignore the obsolete "you should have at least some backpressure" sales pitch. Its all about the creating high exhaust flow velocity/speed or energy leaving the exhaust port, in order for the manifold-cat-exhaust SYSTEM to do its job properly (i.e. remove all the burnt exhaust gases and help pull in fresh intake charge by scavenging at cam overlap) and make power for you.

Quote’ Just changing backpressure is a bogus way of trying to create
the "ideal" pressure in the system. The exhaust system should work like
a correctly conceived manifold. It should extract the exhaust
from the manifold, to minimize pumping pressures.

The only way to create a system that will serve as an extractor is to properly size the tubing to allow the flow velocity to create a sort of "vacuum" behind it.

Just as with manifolds, creating a system that will provide the best of
all worlds at all throttle positions and rpm ranges is impossible. Its all going to be a trade-off.

You can tune for the throttle positions and rpm ranges where you desire the greatest performance, but youll sacrifice performance at the other end of the scale.’
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well i got it today and had it fitted almost as soon as it had been handed over by the business post guy

could have done with some better wrappin, but it was all in good condition an the mirror polished back box and tail pipe well protected

got to the exhaust place, took em almost an hour to fit it, an they know my car well, had to modify one of the mounts slighty as it was stickin up too much, but that only took a minute to sort out, other than that no problems gettin it on

now comes the fun, OH MY BLOODY GOD IS IT

LOUD !!!

it honestly sounds a bit like a scooby to me, and i never used to get many looks from my Peco which i classed as a loud exhaust, but this, my god, its 100x times louder an im not exaggeratin !!!

so far every single person i have drove past has turned and looked at my car, and it spits and roars like mad

i love it, superb, the look is really original and cool, cant fault it, brilliant exhaust !!!

Have you got a pic with it on your car? Possibly one from a further distance?

I was thinking about getting it but the k-tec pic hasnt persuaded me.....yet!

Might just be boring and get the 3.5" one, but I want something different!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well this is definitely different

might be able to take some tomorrow but ive been too busy today mate, ill defo be takin some though
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea, i really hated it at first, it looks like a knob lol, but the more i look the more i like it, and the noise is just unreal, its madness !

cant do pics tomorrow, at work all day, will try on Monday guys
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

So all K-tec exhausts are loud then!!! Does it have a low frequency resonance at 3.5/4K??? its making my ears bleed!!!
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I think it might only be the twin 3" that does it then. spoke to David at K-tec and he said theirs gave him a headache after 10mins!!! hence they are developing a centre section to quieten it up a bit....hopefully. Otherwise ive wasted £2K on ICE!!! I cant hear it.

If youre going to Brands you can have a listen to see what I mean....I think ill have to buy some ear plugs for the trip down:cry:
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well the centre section on mine has a silencer, an its a bloody good job too

i still reckon i will need that silenced de-cat at some point, cos i jus know im gonna get pulled over for how loud it is

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

Not all of our systems are loud. We are soon to be releasing a 3.5" tailpipe system for all Clio 1s which will be relatively quiet and the 4" and 5 x 3 oval on the 172 are also quieter than the twin 3s.

Our aim is to offer the Renault owner as many different options as possible, at whatever noise level they want whether it is quiet or noisy.

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I hope you dont think im dissing it David because im not:oops:

Its a mighty fine system, looks the business and well made....its just that im at an age that I can remember watch with mother and the tv used to go off at 10:30pm!!;)

When will you be getting the centre sections in???

i think that it looks really nice ! although is quite close to the bumper and as said ! = HOT !

oh well ! i think i might get me one of those ! ;)

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

Chris dont worry about the sound of the system because if the centre section does not quieten it down enough you can have one of the new silencers we are developing (still with the twin 3s, but new sound deadening material. We get the first one tomorrow). Obviously at no extra cost to yourself.

The same applies to any 172 customer who thinks their twin 3" is a little loud.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

well im perfectly happy with mine, its well good, it might be loud but its still definitely not novaish

and its already been described as

my mrs - like a bloody rally car !

my manager - like a b*****d rally car !

so its all good baby !!!