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Kangoo 1.5dCI 2010 - Starting Problem - ECU?

Ed Hodson

ClioSport Club Member
Hi Everyone,

I'm posting this for a friend that has a 2010 1.5dCI Kangoo that won't start. The car has been at a garage for a few months (!) now and they're still struggling. Here are the details from my friend:

Symptoms: Cooling fan running, spanner light illuminated on dash, unable to start (starter motor won’t turn, etc).

The garage think that the immobiliser is not disabling.

The ECU was sent off by the garage to a diagnostic company and they said that it’s fine. However, the garage isn’t convinced and I’m not convinced.

Bought a replacement ECU with the same part number (2nd hand). I want to reset the immobiliser so that I can use it on my van. Ideally I want to disable the immobiliser permanently, in case of any other immobiliser related fault elsewhere on the vehicle.

I have read that you can buy an emulator which you can solder onto the ECU to bypass the immobiliser. However, can’t find one for this ECU. Can anyone can provide a link to one?

Also, I then want to then virginise the ECU. Can this be done with Renault CLIP, or is something else needed? If so, what’s needed?

It might be worth noting that the garage has also replaced the main fusebox control unit and the body control unit in the glovebox.

Any help or advice would be appreciated - Thank you!

Tubbs Vice

ClioSport Club Member
Sounds stupid but have they checked for breaks in the loom and is the started actually getting signal to the solenoid to spin over?

Replacing the ECU, UCH and fusebox seems a bit f**king parts cannon to me
I had a similar issue on a Mk2 Megane 1.5DCi, symptoms were the car wouldn't start, complaining of a low battery and you couldn't even start it via jump leads.

In the end an auto electrician found that the earth strap from the battery had rubbed through a wire or 2 next to the battery.

So I'd look around that area.


ClioSport Club Member
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On both my kangoos (mk1’s) they’ve had the earth straps replaced!


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
The cooling fan instantly running screams “Open circuit” somewhere.