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Keeper 182 Project

  Clio 182
Hi All,

14 years after joining the forum for the first time I find myself back into Clio 182 ownership & my new project – Clio 182.

A little background on my cars, my first Clio was aged 17 when I picked up a Phase 1 172 reg no W872 VOO. After 6 or so months moved into a 182 Cup LT05 LWS which I loved and for me left a mark as ‘the’ car I would love to own again.

Since the Clio’s ive had a pretty varied history from Nissan s14a’s to plenty of E46’s, EP3 Type R and more recently a Catherham Seven 310S.

Since then the need for more practicality has settled me onto a W204 C63 Estate

Ive always had the urge to get back into a Clio 182 for good however. For me it was the car that started it all and over the past few years and with prices increasing I knew if I didn’t act soon I would have to accept the opportunity had passed. I didn’t want to buy one completed so instead was looking for a project car and managed to find the car on Copart of all places!

The car is a Clio 182 with both cup packs (I think) 05 plate with 2 owners from new and 83k miles. The car is HPI clear but had outstanding finance on it when I purchased it so I presume it was repo’d as it also had no keys and was locked.

It had its last MOT in 2018 and since then had basically sat in a field, as you will see going pretty mouldy! Heres the Copart pics from the listing:

  Clio 182
Also a nice surprise in that the car has a Scorpion RS cat back exhaust which in truth would have been the exhaust I would have chosen anyway :

And then after literally an hour and a half of jetwashing I managed to get the car into the garage looking substantially cleaner than before!

Some more updates to come but the plan initially is to disinfect and clean thoroughly. Then get a key made up and see what condition the car is in mechanically. I plan on replacing suspension, brakes and polybushing where I can.

Thanks for reading in anycase, look forward to getting back into the forum 😊
  Clio 182
There's plenty left to get to that's for sure! The smell was genuinely unreal, I half expected to find something decaying in the boot!
I'll do a proper update but there's been a lot of white vinegar used to kill it all off and scrubbing to stop it from smelling like a fish and chip shop!
  Clio 182
Little update today,

I had no keys with the car and unfortunately didn't find any when going through the it for the first time. Although I did find a load of cleaning bits and a Vibe active 10“ subwoofer...! (which will be for sale if anyone is interested)

In anycase got a new key cut and decided to see if we could learn more about the engine

Not a fan of the paint on the inlet manifold so that will be removed aswell as the induction kit in favour of a standard airbox

No mayo on the filler cap and was surprised to see the oil didn't look too bad either! Not bad considering it's been sat for a few years

Coolant still looks green in the header tank also so maybe a sign its had a change recently ish...

After a quick assessment we decided to try and start it and couldn't quite believe my luck when on the first try and the old fuel it started right up!!

Better yet no lifter noise/smoke to speak of however the alternator was smoking and we have discovered is not charging the battery so I'll add that to the list when the belts and dephaser is done 👍
  Clio 182
Managed to get some seat cleaning time in over the weekend. Used some white vinegar and steam to kill the mould and then various autoglym bits I had to get rid of the vinegar and make it smell new again.
Pretty happy with the results. Some before and after pics
Also when refitting the seats I ditched the spacers and mounted the seat in the car rather than on it. Difference is huge, I can't believe I never did this on my previous clios!
Hard to see the difference in a pic but I know you all know the difference. Also seat still slides back and forth which is nice considering I didn't cut the carpet 👍
  Clio 182
Also replaced the halfords aerial with a plain black one. I'll never use the radio so not too worried if it works just that it's neater
Also found some blue footwell lights... These will be removed and burnt
And lastly replaced the number plate lamp with a new Renault unit
  Clio 182
My plan is to work my way through some of the smaller jobs whilst collecting parts to get the belts, dephaser etc all done hopefully in a few months time
Where do people recommend for genuine OE parts? RPD/Ktec?
I've hopefully lined up an ex Renault Master tech who is happy to do the work also which is a relief!
  Clio 182
Little update, been finishing scrubbing up the interior, headlining is now completely clean and mould free after 3 sessions with the vanish oxy action.
Also been doing the seat belts...why Renault chose light grey is beyond me 😂
Here's the drives vs rear seat to show how manky they got
Also managed to pick up a set of turinis, they have been rattle canned satin black so need a full refurb in anthracite and also one has a small dent so needs a minor repair but I got a very good deal so can't complain.
Also came on some Avon ZZRs with 5mm or so left! Considering selling the standard rims and maybe the Avons in favour of a bit more of an all weather tyre if anyone was interested

16V F7R

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 16V

And Clio interiors! Kim and Aggie sprung to mind 🤣 Nice work that is scrubbing up nice👍
  Clio 182
After an extended break from the Clio project I thought I better update with the work that's been going on in between other commitments as its been sat in the garage for far too long!

I decided that the best approach was to send the car K Tec to be 'revived' as I didnt have the time to really devote to it but was desperate to get it roadworthy this year. More on this later.

Before it could go down I wanted to strap on a fresh set of tyres and so opted for Yokohama AD08RS through a friend that recommended them.

I also wanted to address the rear beam that looked as though it had been sat in the sea for a decade or so.
Thankfully I picked up a 'good' rear beam from Renbreakers that was promptly swapped as I had concerns over the old one passing a MOT
  Clio 182

A work in progress and was thankful for the garage making this a lot more bearable than doing it on the driveway!
  Clio 182
Whilst the beam was off I also noticed that the previous owner had fitted Eibach lowering springs which was a result. Although they don't look too fresh they are fine for now until I get into suspension later down the line.

And then collection day!
K Tech kindly arranged transport to collect the car with the aim of doing the minimum the car would need to get a fresh MOT and to be able to drive it home.
Essentially they went through everything as you can read from the below completed jobs;

Cambelt & Aux Belt incl dephaser service
Full service
KTR Panel filter
Powerflex exhaust hangers
Brembo HC front discs & pads
Rear OEM discs and brembo pads with new wheel bearings
KTR braided lines
New Lambda sensor
Handbrake cable
Plus various electrical issues (lights, horns, washer pumps etc)

KTR mentioned that despite being sat for an extended time it sounded fantastic and was an exceptionally 'dry' engine bay considering how much they can leak.
Maybe considering its relatively good mileage (83k) or good service record to this point?

It had been 14 years since I had my previous 182 Cup (LT05 LWS) and I had hoped that it was going to be as good as I remembered.
Thankfully, I thoroughly enjoyed the drive home! I love how it feels like the antidote to modern cars and always so keen to go!
I do have a list of things I want to do going forward but for now I feel like I have a pretty mechanically sorted little car that in time I can look to make my own
  Clio 182
Its been a while since I updated this so to provide an update I'd been getting a loud whine from the PAS pump. After doing a little research & finding out OEM pumps are not available anymore I booked the car in with Alex @ AW Motorworks for a recon pump as he said they have good results with them.

The pump is now lovely and quiet & whilst there Alex found a number of other issues that have now been resolved...
New outer ARB bushes
Rear brake caliper
OSR brake line
Plus a few minor issues

After dealing with Alex @ AW Motorworks I would thoroughly recommend him, super knowledgeable good guy to deal with.
When I got it back I fitted a Upper engine mount insert from Powerflex, It made a nice but subtle difference but worth it for how inexpensive it was

Since then I have been using it as much as possible & still really enjoying it aside from the lack of working A/C which has made it challenging over the last month!

Going forward the main things I want to address are the suspension, the shocks I feel are a little tired & personally I wished it sat a little lower than the Eibach springs, especially at the back. I've done a bit of research on this and not sure on the best route be it new cup shocks & cooksport springs as I think they seem to sit a little more level against the rake on the Eibachs or Coilovers... if so whats the best quality/budget recommendations these days?

Also, and probably more urgent is the seating position, and a decent set of buckets is high on my list. Ideally a pair of Corbeau Clubsports if I could find a set when im ready, alternatively I like the look of these as the style is similar to the Pole position/clubsport style I like

Auto Style Type BS1 Bucket Seat > GSM SportSeats4u

Anyone had any experience with these?

Also, in non Clio related news I have changed its stablemate & sold my W204 C63 wagon and purchased my dream in the way of my first 911.

Its a 996 C4S manual, with hardback sports seats, Bose etc

Super happy with both cars, the 911 is super special & engaging and a completely different experience to the Clio. But for a quick spirited drive along some twisty B roads the Clio is the one 90% of the time.