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Kent Hosepipe Ban

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All you cleaning obsessed Kent based Clio monkeys! How have you got round the Hosepipe Ban which is currently in place?

I've just ordered a load of stuff from David so it's cleaning time soon! Just need running water!
my mum has horses so she has a licence to still use one, lol (onltso she can fill troughfs (or however you spell it))
  172, Tiguan
I do hope its being lifted soon, seeing as we've had over a months worth of rain in the last 48 hours!

I just use a bucket.
  172, Tiguan
Bearing in mind the last time I cleaned my car was July! lol!

Yep, bucket to rinse, then wash, then rinse! :)
I'm in Berkshire where we also have a hose pipe ban. I use a watering can to rinse off (probably using just as much water as using a hose pipe)
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We have a hosepipe ban in oxfordshire as well. I use a bucket and a "hosepipe".
So up your :butt: Thames water until you sort out your 1 billion litres a day leakage :)
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No hose pipe ban here but when I am at shows etc and can only bucket wash there car I use

No need to worry about rinsing shampoo off etc.

Nice! I think I'll stick to the watering can idea for the mo, as I have water available! Plus there's some Chemical Guys Shampoo in the kit I've brought (Which ended up being from Car Wash N Wax instead) so I'll use that up first.
watering can for me too. I have put it through the scratcher once when it been covered in birds**t, :quiet: