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Kevin Millard, about your clio 16v


I just saw your photos in the gallery. Was wondering, how low have you gone on those wheels? can you still have passengers in the back? can you get full lock aswell? cheers..

Its only lowered 35mm on Pi springs but looks way lower.

The back torsion bar was dropped untill the sills sat perfectly level. I guess around 55-60mm.

I can have 2 people easy in the back and depending on the people sometimes have a full car. When i have a full car it only rubs on major bumbs so nothing major. The front only ever catches when on full lock and turning into my drive apart from when doing this 1 manover it never rubs at the front.

Hope this helps

Cheers mate i want to put 17s on my car but was unsure about lowering it, i didnt want all the agro that i thought would come with it. laters ,ROB.


Is that Pi shocks on the rear? after having the TB adjusted, does that mean it moves less or what?

Ive got 16s on mine, although its not a 16v. If I get 2 large ppl or 3 normal ppl in the back, it scrubs all the way. Do your Pi springs make it harder or are they adjustable?

Please help as Im SO pished off with this torsion bar trouble - theyre so expensive to have anyhting done to them!


My suspension is firmer since having the springs but not stupidly as it is still comfortable.

I paid quite a lot for mine lowered but i was happy as it looks better than i thought it would. Torsion Tuning done the job for £200 including springs as my torsion bar was seezed.

Places like Extreme or Rtech wanted this sort of money but another £50 on top if the bar was seezed. They will also only lower it in notches and in my experience 1 notch is not enough but 2 notches is way to much, so i wouldnt take it there.

Only arch mods I needed to get the 17s on was removing the sh*t catchers. There is still plenty of room for bigger rims on the back but the front would be a hassle (ie triming the wing itself). Arch mods took bout 45mins.

Hope this helps,


You cant compare your car rubbing to a 16v mate. The arches are so much wider that a 16v wont get half the problems a RT will.

Kev, who are these torsion tuning people? have you got a number? would you say they sorted it ok cause im a bit paranoid when it comes to garages i had to have a coil spring fitted although 1 was under warranty i had to pay for the other one which cost me nearly a ton!! and it wasnt even a renault spring.. now that you have taken off the plastic bit under your arch dont you get loads of sh** everywhere?

Yes Tony thats what I thought.

Mine just rubs on the mud catcher thingies, so not a great problem. Im hoping if I drive with 2 fat birds in the back for long enuf, the plastic will just wear away where it has to!

Just take the plastic bits out.
Saves you having to have fat birds in your car! Give us clio drivers a bad name!

Torsion Tununing: 07949299795

I would highly recomend them to do the job as they r cheapish and I got my car back looking the nuts!!!

They r in Essexs

Mention me and say I gave u there number if u speak to them.