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Keycards eating batteries

  Clio 1.2 16v
Hi Everyone,

I bought the wife a 21 plate Clio from new 2 months ago and already gone through 3 batteries in each keycard! The cars not used much as she's currently learning to drive in it so once a week or so but I've tried having the keys kept in RFID pouches and alternating keys but 6 new batteries in 2 months is ridiculous! Is there anyone who's had the same issue?

The cars already been back to them because they sold it me knowing the SOS call unit was faulty......


ClioSport Club Member
  A4 S Line & Impreza
Absolutely no idea on this issue. Couldn’t even guess, tbh. Hope this helps bud


ClioSport Club Member
  A Yellow One
My mk4 went through a phase similar, asking for new batteries every week but since the last cheapo battery change it’s been grand for months now.