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Battery & Stop Lamp flickering at 4k rpm

  Clio 182
So… New alternator and battery 6 months ago, new cambelt and dephaser (done by trusted RS mechanic) around 5 months ago, solid engine mounts and mapped around 2 months ago, ALL Fluids changed so brake fluid is new and topped up, engine oil is done (twice), continuity on all the earths, battery is good, alternator connections are all good, aux belt and tensioner is also new and genuine Renault items. Now around 4k rpm the Battery light and STOP light flickers and system voltage drops to 12.1v-12.9v (reading off my radio unit). I’m thinking it’s a dodgy alternator rectifier as it seems to be over charging and fluctuates a lot (14.0v - 14.8v). I’m getting between 0.5 and 1.9 ohms resistance on earth points to negative terminal. Also it doesn’t do it when cold. Any ideas?